Thursday, October 26, 2006


Do you remember this photo?That's the hotel room before my baby shower, hugely pregnant at seven months. I look big enough to kick the ass (well, ok, at least sit on and injure) anyone that crossed my path. Walking around Lowe*s to get supplies for Zac's nursery was an event that caused me to reconsider A) whether I should go out in public or not and B) whether I should use an electric wheelchair in stores larger than some industrialized nations. '

Looking at this picture makes me remember why I was so miserable my last trimester.

It's shocking to think that I want another child.

Fortunately, I get to experience pregnancy and child birth vicariously with one of these women that attended my baby shower:

She's expecting and I'm glad that I'm not that big anymore.


Melanie said...

Feel free to borrow this one for a while -- your advice is always welcome as are your tales of pregnancy woe. You looked beautiful at your shower and were (and are) well-loved, regardless of the size on the back of your pants.

Dee said...

I think you looked great at 7 months pregnant! My pregnancy photos don't change my mind about wanting another one either. Fortunately for me, I can live vicariously through my sis (for a while) who is about 3 months along with her 3rd baby.

Congrats to your friend!

pamela said...

It's not me, is it?

Do you know something I don't?


Caroline said...

Oh you were so cute pregnant. I've never been pregnant but I have heard that the last few months are not too fun. And weren't you living in Texas by then? The heat must have been pretty bad. Thanks for sharing the picture from the past.

Pregnant In Texas said...


Your Ob-Gyn called me. She said to stop freaking out. You're not knocked up.

Stalker J.P. -

For the love of God use a condom and stop making P. worry. Thanks!

Your friend,