Monday, May 16, 2005


Miss me? I've had to seriously cut back on my blogging time, mostly because it takes so much energy for me take care of myself. Honestly, I come home from work, make dinner if I have enough energy, lay on the couch for a while bemoaning my swollen feet, then go to bed. Trying to take care of my Mom has been a little bit of a challenge, too. There just doesn't seem to be enough energy in our house (did I mention that my Dad hurt his back?) to take care of the basic needs of all of us.

I started to feel sorry for myself on Sunday when I was sent to Lowe's for more planting soil. It's not that I don't like going to Lowe's: home improvement stores are one of my favorite places, it's that I'm starting to think about buildings in terms of size. Never before in my life have I calculated how far it was from the entrance, to the bathrooms, to the checkout, and the exit. These massive concrete stores wear me out to even think about going into them. On Sunday, I was in the lumber section of the store and made the mistake of asking for wood glue. The nice man that cut my wood for me told me that it was in aisle 9. I looked up at the sign above my aisle. It read "Aisle 54". I was 45 aisles away from the wood glue.

At that moment, as I stood in my maternity tank top, shorts and flip flops, I started contemplating finding a partner....immediately. There were a bunch of single guys roaming around the lumber section. Certainly one of them would be willing to exchange vows with me (maybe around aisle 39 or so?) and then walk the extra distance for me to retrieve the wood glue. This is what my life has become.

My Mom lucked out this weekend in the Super Target with a motorized cart. If they had had two of them we could of drag raced around the vegetable section. As it was, I was left lumbering behind her, reminding her not to run over small children or knock over giant displays with sharp 180 degree turns.

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