Saturday, November 04, 2006


Time(s) that Zac woke me up this morning: 12:30am, 3am (when he fell off the bed), and 6:30am (when he decided to wake up for the day)

Number of things that I've been hit with this morning: 2

Hours that I wished Zac would lay down for a nap: 3

Amount that the vet. charged me for an annual exam and procedure for Honey: $395

Number of times that I've freaked out about money in the past two days: 5

I feel like it might be a long weekend.


Caroline said...

Oh, I hope your weekend got better. When I read posts like this about Zac waking you up so many times in the middle of the night, I think seriously if I want children. I just love my sleep so much.

About money..I have found that I tent to worry more about money when we have more. Doesn't make sense does it??

Michael Wolff said...

Money freak outs are always bad
but you know what they say
"This too shall pass"
unfortunately being a pessimist in good times I often say
"And This too shall pass."

Michael Wolff