Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Ugh...the babe is sick and has to go to the doctor before we all get on a plane tomorrow headed West. My Mom, Dad, Zac, and I are all going to Seattle to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's the first time that my extended family on my Mom's side will have the chance to meet Zac, in all of his coughing, snot-nosed glory.

That scene is fun to imagine: Me, handing my pride and joy over to my Great Aunt and Uncle, Him, coughing and crying. Them, quickly handing him back to me, assured that I only procreate sickly children.

Good times, good times.


Anonymous said...

It could get better. They could blame him being sick on the fact that you work and put him in DAYCARE! The shame! LOL.

Hope it's an easy trip for you NSPIT.


-P said...

Me too! Happy t-day!

doow said...

Oh, fingers crossed for a Zac who sleeps contentedly through the flight and gets over the sniffles soon. Have a nice trip!

Dee said...

I hope Zac gets to feeling better soon. Traveling with a sick kid is no fun at all.

Have a great time in Seattle and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Caroline said...

Hope Zac gets to feeling better. Have a great trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving.