Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Update: Zac is fine. His Mom needs her head looked at. I've turned into one of those neurotic, crazy women that brings her prodigy into doctor everytime he coughs wrong (and in my defense, he DOES have a nasty cough. I was just told that instead of being croup or an upper respiratory infection, it was just some drainage from his sinuses that he's coughing out.)

I was told that Zac's physical development is just fine. Basically, as the Good Doc told me, he just doesn't want to walk yet. He can pull himself up, bear weight on his legs, move around, and even climb on the couch. Walking though, not so much. He just doesn't want to. I'm supposed to continuing encouraging him as much as possible. I've created a couple little cheers for him in his walking endeavors:

Walk them back, walk them back, WAAAAY Back

Walking, walking
W-A-L-K-I-N-G that's what we do when we get Rowdy
Yes, yes, get rowdy

Everywhere we go (Echo: Everywhere we go)
People want to know (People want to know)
When you'll walk (When you'll walk)
I tell them:
Whenever he wants
Oh yes, whenever he f'ing wants *clap, clap*


Dee said...

Glad to know Zac is doing okay. It is hard when the little ones get sick not to react.

I keep picturing in my mind the day when Zac jumps up and walks across the room then turns around and says "See Mom, I could do it. I just didn't want to!"

doow said...

Haha! Love that last cheer!

Anonymous said...

I love how you call him your prodigy. LOL.

Check out dooce. Her little Leta didn't walk until later. She just didn't want to. Now she's on the go everywhere.

And take this coming from another mom. I brought Em to the dr every other week her first year of life. You don't need to have your head looked at it. You're a mom, that's what we do. Never ignore your instinct.


P.S. Have a great turkey day!

jenna said...

p.s. - mr. tugboat is a cutie!!

karrie said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Don't worry about taking him in too frequently. That's what the ped is there for, right? My son was a very early walker, but has a speech delay, so I understand a bit where you're coming from.

Caroline said...

So glad that Zac is doing better. Happy Thanksgiving.