Saturday, June 24, 2006


I just went on one of the worst dates that I have ever been on. K. is a 36 year-old food service/delivery driver for a large company. We have talked on the phone only briefly and e-mailed sporadically. He came to pick me up early (EARLY!), which may not be a negative trait for most people, but I have my life timed down to the minute and frequently (ok, almost always) run late. I had just woken up from a nap and given myself enough time to get ready when K. showed up fifteen minutes early.

It just went downhill from there.

When I got into his 1999 Monte Carlo, I tried to keep an open mind, but it was difficult to do with all the sounds that the car was making: the cooling system barked every couple of minutes or so, almost like a smoker with emphysema early in the morning. Then his very prominent, really, freakish prominently, "Low Coolant Light" kept blinking. My car wouldn't even tell me if it was ready to blow up, let alone that I had low coolant. In between those two sounds was the frequent beeping and chirping of the police detector attached to his windshield. It kind of made me wonder if I shouldn't have volunteered to drive.

Again, though, I was trying to keep an open mind. So, I asked him what kind of music he liked, thinking that I could distract myself for a couple of minutes. He flipped over to CD that he had in his CD player and turned it up. After a few notes, he turned to me and asked, "Do you know who this is? This is my favorite band." I listened closely and tried - really tried - to figure out who it was. I'm not particularly good at musical trivia, though, especially when he told me that we were listening to his favorite band - Meatloaf. MEATLOAF? WTF. I thought only the main singer, Marvin Lee Aday, went by the name Meatloaf, so I asked him if there was a different band with the same name. He looked at me oddly and answered, "No." I started laughing. I couldn't help it. I said: "So, this is the same group that sings, "I Will Do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That" He proceeded to tell me which album that song was on and what year it was released.



I'll file that information under, "Shit that I will never need to know again." To make matters worse, he actually tried to argue with me when I said that the only thing of Meatloaf's that I've ever enjoyed was his brief cameo in the "Rocky Horror Picture Show". He said he didn't think that Meatloaf was in that film....That last link is just thrown in to prove that while I may not know about 1970's classic rock, I definately know my queer, classic cult films, sucka.

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BoringTales said...

Oh no! Meatloaf? I think asking a person's favorite band should be on the 'list' before going out. :) Tells you a lot about a person.

Answers that would make me run screaming...

1. Slayer
2. Marilyn Manson
3. Bon Jovi
4. Barbara Streisand (I have no idea how to spell her last name and I'm too lazy to google
5. NOFX (I like nofx, but if they are still a guy's favorite band chances are he's still roaming around on his skateboard with his backpack!)

Just when I start to think that married life is boring I get to read something about the dating life...I don't miss it at all!