Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I started this post yesterday, but had to stop to save Zac from dumping an entire 24 pack of toilet paper on his head. Why the kid is sooooo interested in opening, closing, opening, and throwing out the contents of every bottom cabinet in our apartment is beyond me.

Where was I? Oh, I was going to say that you all were very, very right about Do. We talked again on Monday and he showed himself to be a judgemental asshole. Everything I said he argued with, just to prove to himself how silly and stupid I must really be.

I told him that I was really stressed on Sunday, during the drive back from my parents' house. I STILL haven't heard anything from the organization that I've had two interviews with. I know that they have contacted BOTH of my references (Monday and Tuesday). I called and left a message AGAIN today. They told me that I would know by last Friday. I'm trying to be patient, I really am. I also just submitted all of the work that a second organization asked me to submit to be evaluated for a second interview. Who ever heard of an essay round in the interviewing stage? The work I did took me about eight hours and a lot of research to try and figure out what I should submit.


Anyways, I was stressed out about work and money on Sunday and decided that I wanted to go for a run. I used to run a lot (back in the pre-baby days when my ass didn't hurt to move quickly). In Mongolia, I ran every day to stay in shape and zone out for a while. It's a great stress-reliever (again, if your butt doesn't begin to ache from the skin jiggling on your large arse). I called my neighbor Danny and asked if he could watch Z. for thirty minutes. Danny is great with Zac and absolutely loves (well, loves might be a strong word) but always readily agrees to watch him.

As I was driving into my neighborhood, I realized that I must have temporarily lost my mind to think that I could go running at night in north Houston. I probably shouldn't even try that during the day. When I was on the phone to Do., I told him that story and he immediately started belittling me, saying that I was letting my fear run my life. He said that a group of men drinking beer, hanging out on a street corner at 9:30pm is no more of a threat to me than picking some flowers out of a wild meadow. I ended up getting off the phone with him, very angrily. He wrote me this e-mail in response:

"Don't take this the wrong way, but truthfully speaking, your whole psyche is illogical. Riiiiight, it makes a whole lot of sense to avoid large groups of men who are drinking and almost assuredly harmless, just relaxing after a long day of work and would change your tire for you at the drop of a hat or would beat someone up who was harassing you, can hang out with one guy individually who seems harmless, yet does drugs, drinks, gets you pregnant, isn't there for you when you need him to be, isn't even around for the birth of the baby, and leaves you practically abandoned in a town you're unfamiliar with and in a financial situation that makes it hard for you to get by.

Yes, it's those big groups that'll always get you..."

What a sad state of affairs when both segments of the population he is describing: the large group and the individual, can and frequently do, harass, endanger, and emotionally and physically damage women.

No one has any right to throw my actions back in my face. No one.


wildflower said...

What a real piece of work. Not to be crude, but you really should just tell him to "Go F*CK himself."

Love you,Babe! - wildflower

p said...

WTF! What an utter waste of space. I second Miss C's emotion. Someone like that doesn't even deserve a reply.

"Not to offend you or anything but I think your whole psyche is STUPID NA NA NA NA NA."

Sounds like a 'beater to me. Change your phone number!!!


p said...

Sorry, still steaming:

And what a sad state of affairs when someone you've even marginally trusted with marginally personal information is so @#$%ing judgmental about you that he allows his self-righteousness to take over whatever sense of decency and courtesy and manners he ever had and open his big fat mouth just to score points off of you! What a nasty little small-minded crapcake. TOTAL DOUCHE!

Sorry, I'm so mad!

Pregnant In Texas said...

P and Wildflower - I didn't even dignify his e-mail with a response. I agree, he should go F*$% himself.

Fortunately, I have this great thing called a blog where I can publish this crap and let all my supportive friends have a crack at those folks.

Ali said...

Are you kidding me? WTF!

Oh man, I am really trying to not get started on this, but looks like I will. It is one thing to date someone and find out later that the person is irresponsible and isn't there for you. Had you known he would do this to you, you wouldn't have gotten involved, most likely. But to knowingly go jogging at night in an area of town that isn't too safe? How do the two go hand in hand?

I mean, according to him, you are too fearful, yet you didn't let your fear stand in your way with Zac's dad and look at what they got you. Yet, you are trying to be safe by not going out in the dark to run and you are too scared? Make up your mind asswipe! Sheesh! I hope I am making sense, but i am so livid right now, I don't know if I am. It's like, had you told him at the time of dating your ex that he did drugs, etc. This guy would have told you to not be so picky or something. And had you really gone jogging in the dark, he would have told you you were stupid to put yourself in that danger. WTF?

Don't let the door hit you jerk!

Anonymous said...

Not to inflame the comments here, but in terms of judging a group of men hanging out as a potentially great enough risk to force women to stay indoors, I agree with the email. I know there are lots of reasons that make it smart to err on the side of caution, but one must be careful that caution doesn't turn into unreasonable fear because, as yoda points out, that leads to some bad places ;) just food for thought - the rest of that email was out of line.

jenna said...

whatever makes YOU feel uncomfortable, is YOUR business and YOUR right to avoid.

don't need to write more about this asshole cuz everyone else already did.

and )re: meatloaf date) for first dates with strangers, couldn't you drive yourself and meet somewhere? getting into someone's car you never met makes me nervous. (guess Do. would have a major problem with me!!)