Thursday, June 15, 2006


It could be a bad sign that I had to check what today's date was. I'm having one of those days that never end: "This is the day that never ends, oh yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people, woke up this morning, not knowing what it was, and now it keeps on going forever just because. This is the day that never ends...."

Brief Updates:

Second interview was just with the President of the Board. I think it went well and I should hear next week one way or the other.

My current job evaluation went fine. They rank us on a scale of 1-4, and then tell us that we can never get a 4 overall. Pretty funny if you think about it. Why even have a scale at all if you can never reach the highest point? I got a 3 on most things and a couple of 4s. The only areas I got 2s in were "interpersonal relationships". Basically, I need to play nicer with others and not instill in them enough rage to cuss me out in front of other coworkers and get fired. Oh, I also need to stop "stealing" unmarked chicken from the refrigerator and causing my cubicle mate to stop speaking to me for three days. My boss suggested that I attend a couple seminars next year to learn how to "interact with coworkers more productively." Check.

Still trying to figure out why corn doesn't digest in a person's stomach. Why does it come out whole on the other end and why do I continue to eat it (especially with macaroni and cheese), if I always have this reaction to it?

P. is coming over for dinner tonight. He offered to buy groceries this time, but still left me with the decision on what to make. I'm pretty sure he might end up eating stale Cheerios with milk and Splenda. That's what you get for making me cook after a long day, especially when you can't come over until 7:30pm.

Z. is doing well. He *FINALLY* has one tooth that has broken the gumline on the bottom. It looks like he is working on a couple more, if his exploration of his mouth with his entire hand and thumb is any indication.


mynewshoes said...

Hey! That's exciting news about the interview!

I've gotta tell you, I'm a little wary of the Enya thing. Maybe it's just my suspicious nature.

Thinking of you,

annab said...

good luck with the job, i'm crossing my toes for you.

wildflower said...

I feel your pain on the performance appraisal issue. My first year at the Rocket Ranch, they gave me a 3 because I needed to "improve delegation skills." Improve Delegation? They waited 8 months before hiring someone to replace my colleague after she resigned! I was doing two people's jobs and working insane amounts of OT! Who was I supposed to delegate to?
On another note, best of luck with your job prospect. I delegated the task to toe-crossing to our dept's new summer intern.