Friday, December 02, 2005


Yes, I know that many of my posts since I had Zac are about how tired I am and, yes, I know I write a lot about my son. What happened last night, though, took the award for, "damn, mommy is too tired to even think about how gross that was"

So, Zac went to sleep around 8:30pm (score!) and I laid around on the couch for a little bit and totally neglected all of my household chores for the next day. The bottles were not made, my Dad did the sterlizing, I didn't make lunch or get all of my breast pump parts into my bag. I was just too tired.

I hit the hay around 9:30pm or so and then woke up at 1:30 when I heard Zac barking from the nursery. It's a little hard to sleep through: "Waaahhhh, *bark, bark, gasp*, wah, wah, *bark, bark, pause in breathing and scare the crap out of a half-asleep woman*....more crying," you get the picture. I brought Zac into bed with me, nursed him, and then fell back asleep. He woke up again at 5am, coughing. I tried to give him the boob....nothing. Couple of sips and more coughing. Tried to give him a bottle thinking that maybe it would be easier for him to suck with a stuffy nose out of a bottle. Nothing.

I realize that his entire body is wet. Really, really wet. I'm wet, the bed is wet, we are all wet. But Zac is coughing and trying to go back to sleep. I was faced with the dilemma: do I change him and fully wake him up in the process, or do I move him to a relatively dry spot and try to go back to sleep.

Dry spot it was. I took him out of his dripping pajamas and laid him on my chest, tapping his back to try and get the phelgm out of his chest. He starts to calm down and just as we are both drifting back to sleep, I feel a trickle of warm fluid run down my chest, between my breasts. Right as I was falling asleep, I had the thought: "What is that? Is that urine?" but I was too tired to get up and investigate.

For those of you wondering, it was urine.

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more, please

I love gross stories. I request a poop story.