Thursday, December 01, 2005


You can only leave a lactation story up for so long before it just gets old.... I have other stories to tell. However, first thing is first.

To Aunt Jen: yes, maybe we did have to sleep in the same bed a bit growing up. In all of the hotel rooms we stayed in, M & D were in one bed and you & I were in another. BUT, during those times I only ONCE slept diagonally on the bed AND I felt sorry about it the next day. ONCE! ONE TIME! Now it's held against me for the rest of the my life?!!! :)'t kill 'em, you might have to move in with them one day. I saw a lot of my family this past weekend at Thanksgiving. The best part of the whole trip, besides seeing my extended and not-so-extended family and eating unbelievably good food, was napping. I mean, really, just incredible naps. If napping was a sport, I might qualify for the Olympics at my Aunt Sherry's house. In college, every year I would catch a ride down to PA with a friend and stay at my aunt and uncle's house. It would be the only time every year that I saw them. To make matters worse, I would bring stacks of books, articles, and novels that I had every intention of reading during the holidays to get ready for finals. The books were never opened and I only saw my relatives for two hours of wakefulness every day. They contend that most of my trip was spent on the couch, snoring. They were right. With Zac being well taken care of between my aunt and my sister, I felt free to go and drift upstairs to take a three hour nap, or fall asleep during the Law & Order marathon on TBS.

Zac is sick now, coming back from Thanksgiving. Grandpa and I had to take him to the ER yesterday because he was having a hard time breathing and wouldn't nurse. They gave him Tylenol, cough syrup, antibiotics, steriods, and a breathing treatment. By the time that they finally managed to draw blood from the vein in his lit'le arm, after trying unsuccessfully to squeeze blood from a small pinprick in his heel, he was so exhausted from screaming and barking (he has croup - all screaming sounds like barking) that he passed out in my arms. He and I laid down on the hospital bed and slept for a hour while waiting for the doctor to look at his chest ex-ray.

I love sleeping with my son and I love it even more when he sleeps at night. I got six hours of uninterrupted sleep night, croup and all. Amen and praise Jesus.

Am I addicted to sleep?

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Jen said...

Hey! I commented on sleeping with other people too. And I left out the parts about how you usually kicked me all night and how you're impossible to wake up even when it is important, and all sorts of other stuff. So, yes, this will be held against you for the rest of your life - good thing I'm not actually upset, I just think it's a funny story. (hugs!)