Wednesday, November 23, 2005


An actual conversation that I had yesterday:

Nice, older woman sitting in a crowded room full of teenagers, adults, and one precocious baby: "What do you do at work?"

Me, assuming that she is asking about breast feeding try to tastefully say in a hushed tone: "I express my breast milk during the day."

Nice, older woman, looking confused, repeats: "What do you DO at work?"

Me, also confused, thinks that maybe she didn't hear me. I say louder: "I pump breast milk at work to feed the baby!"

Nice, older woman then looks at me, even more confused: "They pay you to do that? What do YOU DO at work?"

Me, head down with embarrassment, finally understanding, answers humbly: "I'm a grant writer, not a professional wet nurse." (thinking, I'm a such a boob obsessed idiot)

Happy Thanksgiving! I'll write from PA.


DDK23 said...

That is funny. I guess everyone gets into their own world every once in a while (or for longer;-). My husband worked with a guy who had a wife who was expecting. Everytime I asked my husband "When is she due?" He would answer "A CPA".....I still dont' think I ever heard the answer to when the pregnent CPA was due

LoveMeHell said...

Hi, I ran across your blog and just wanted to tell you how incredibly strong-willed and what a great person I think you are. There aren't a lot of people in this world that can raise a child by themselves, while still working. Major props to you! Zac has a kick-ass mommie!!

MQ said...

Found you on blogging mommy ring -

What a hilarious story. At least you had a good final answer!

Happy parenting!