Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Early mornings are so beautiful in my part of Houston that it makes me wake up cranky. Does anyone really need to hear birds chirping and have the sunlight hit them full in the face to have a good morning? Is that necessary? Growing up in Seattle, the weather was consistent: rainy, cloudy, or a rainy and cloudy mix. I'm not sure I can handle a suburbia where the kids wait in their driveways to get on the bus every morning with the sun glinting off of their designer backpacks. Every school day at 8:20am there is a line of pubescent kids waiting in driveway after driveway for the bus. They don't congregate together and belittle each other, like I remember so vividly from my childhood. They don't even walk to the next driveway over to make fun of what the kid next door is wearing. It's creepy if you ask me. Kids should wait for the bus together and every morning the weather should mirror my dread of going to work.

While at work I at least have a lot of time to blog and respond to e-mails. Several people have been e-mailing me asking me if I've thought of any boy names. I have. I would say that I've narrowed it down to a top five:

1. Zachary
2. Gabriel
3. Nathan
4. William (after the FOB's Dad, who I actually like)
5. Michael (the FOB's choice)

The middle name will be Russell, which is a family name. Just to make this a more interactive decision, you can vote for which name you like best in the comment section. Happy voting and wake me up when you've come to a decision!


sarcastic journalist said...

Your 'burb and my 'burb sound very similar...are we neighbors?

PFrancis said...

I like Gabe. Gabe Gibson. I can already see him bringing down the house at the Village Vanguard.