Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Sorry for the delay in posting Peanut's ultrasound pictures. I found some time to scan in his pictures this morning so I can share them all with you. The pictures make sense to me, but it's probably the same way that a mother of sextuplets can tell the difference between all of them. Don't worry if all you see are a couple of gray and black blobs. Trust me, there is a baby there.

Speaking of babies, I've either had some gas to end all gas or the little one has been remodeling my uterus. I feel a lot of little.....hmmm....this is hard to explain, little "somethings" from deep down inside. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you have diarrhea (I'm a former Peace Corps Volunteer. I can talk about diarrhea until I'm blue in the face and until you are throughly disgusted.) and your intenstines keep rumbling until you feel like you are going to explode. It's a little like that. Maybe he's kicking. Maybe he's setting up a wet bar and a basketball hoop. Maybe I'm eating too much corn. Who knows?

I should hear back from the non-profit by Thursday. I found out some disturbing news about government programs for pregnant women. Here is my letter in response to the news:

"Dear Uncle Sam:
I'm tired of hearing you wax on and on about 'family values' when you make it almost impossible to raise a family. Your government insurance plans consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition and refuse to cover prenatal and delivery costs. Come on, now. You can do better than that! If I didn't have private health care right now, I would have to learn off of the Internet how to deliver a baby at home and hope for the best. Our infant mortality rates continue to climb as you consistently undercut female health care. How about some subsidized child care? How about some paternal or family maternity leave? Just some things for you to think about.

Pregnant in Texas

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