Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Reason #2,457 why I hate Valentine's Day:

I swipped a handful of these little gems off my co-worker's desk. When I bit down, I cracked my back molar and had to make an appointment at an emergency dental clinic to get it fixed.

Turns out...when the dentist says that you need to get a crown on your tooth after a root canal...it's best to listen, no matter how much it costs or how much pain it will cause to get it.

P.S. - Happy Birthday Mom!

Edited to note - The dentist was able to save most of my tooth. After numbing the whole right side of my mouth, she extracted the cracked part of the tooth with one swift motion. It looked like she was pulling out a splinter. My mouth wept for its missing parts.

Jenna asked how this happens to me. It happens the same way to everyone that can't afford quality dental care. I got three root canals in September and never went back for the crowns (at $700 a piece over two dental visits).


jenna said...

OMG!! just *how* do these things happen to you??

and excuse me, but does one of those say, "be my ICON"???!!!

oh, bitch, please.

Dee said...

I avoid those things as much as possible. My son, however, seems to love them.

Pregnant In Texas said...

That's a wise move Dee. I would even be careful about your Zach having something that hard and small...seriously, they are a harzard to all!

Rachel said...

I feel for you. I would rather birth a child 10 times than see a dentist. Fortunately, for my fears, not for my teeth, we can't afford the 20,000 dollars the dentists require to torture me.

karrie said...

I had 20+ year-old fillings replaced this past year and the crowns were a bitch. I've been fortunate dental wise, but ugh. Even with insurance I paid over $1200.

CruiserMel said...

I can conveniently forget to go back to the dentist, too. That's my M.O. Hope it's feeling better.

The Maybe Girl said...

Hey, coincidental timing - part of one of my teeth, or maybe it was a filling, fell out last Friday. I may or may not have also been eating conversation hearts...and I may or may not be slightly obsessed with them because I'm such a total sweetwhore...but anyway.

I'm sorry that happened - teeth fucking suck. So it's great that Zac is so damn cute!