Saturday, February 10, 2007


This Thursday, Zac went to his first (semi)professional game. My organization got free tickets to the Houston Aeros hockey team and I invited West Virginia to go with me. Unfortunately, the day before I was stuck at a board meeting until 9pm and I didn't get a chance to even see Zac before he went to bed. West Viriginia understood and asked me if I could bring Zac to the game.

We met up at my apartment at 6pm and went over, together, to pick up Zac from daycare. What happened there was every single Mom's worst nightmare.

West Viriginia went into the daycare with me.

One of the Shoe Nazis came over and practically squeeled, "Oh h-e-l-l-O!!! We haven't met yet," sticking out her hand in West Virginia's direction. "My name is Happy Happy Joy Joy and I've been with this daycare for 20 years." West Virigina, still shaking her hand managed to introduce himself before she started launched into her speech about Zac.

"Well, you know," she motioned over at Zac, "he is just such a special child. He really has done so well with learning how to walk." Her words were starting to wash over West Virginia, as he realized exactly what she was assuming. My face was getting redder and redder. I was scooping up Zac's bottle and coat as fast as possible, trying to encourage Zac to run out the door for the first time in his life.

The humiliation just kept continuing.

"It is just so great to finally meet you," Happy Happy Joy Joy croned on. "It's great to see families involved with each other. I hope that you come back and see us just as soon as you can."

From the corner of Zac's daycare classroom, I started thinking, "Yep, I've dropped off and picked up Zac every day for the past year - 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year - and suddenly, like magic, a man shows up! It's like I've been blessed by the Daddy fairy for my good behavior."

West Viriginia shook her hand once more and wished her a good night. Zac and I were trying to make our way to the car as fast as possible without making direct eye contact with anyone over the age of 2 to avoid any further embarassment.

When I got into the car, West Viriginia got in, looked at me and laughed. He said, "I was just waiting for her to say how much he looked like me! I was going to tell her that he's a stud and that it runs in the family!!"

We agreed that she's a little flighty, bless her heart.


wildflower said...

He gets points for a good sense of humor!

Jen said...

Yes, but how was the hockey?! K and I went to the game Friday night here. Is Zac ready to learn how to skate, or how to appropriately heckle crappy players?! :)

jenna said...

just to see the look on her face you should get every male you know - bf's and husbands of friends, coworkers, whoever - to come in with you every friday to pick up the z man! :)

Pregnant In Texas said...

Wildflower - Yes, he definitely got some points for handling the situation well.

Jen - Zac liked everything about the hockey game except the folding chair. He was scared of those and refused to sit anywhere but my lap. We only stayed for the first period and the first break and left afterward. He was getting tired, but I think he liked the fighting.

Jenna - I'm not brave enough to do that. I did tell Ms. Happy Happy Joy Joy that Zac's biological father was not allowed within 500 yards of the daycare center and if he ever broke that rule that they should shoot first and ask questions later. I love Texas for that.

CruiserMel said...

That's very cool that WVa handled it so well and didn't get flustered. It's a funny story, though. Happy Happy Joy Joy sounds like a piece of work.