Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Every morning, I come into work, put my bag down, put my lunch and snacks in the refrigerator (yes, I am a six year-old who needs snacks throughout the day to stay reasonably sane), and turn on my computer. From there, I heat up my oatmeal and log-on. I go to my blog first (to see if I have any new comments. Did I mention that I'm obsessive about comments?) then I click on the links on my blogroll to catch up with the lives of other bloggers that I've come to know and depend on.

Without fail, I always check the bloggers that I know update every night. The Sarcastic Journalist, Officially a Mom, and Woulda Coulda Shoulda are perfect examples of that. They complete my morning with their regularity because the Good Lord knows that nothing else is regular about me or my blogging. After reading them for awhile and checking the blogs of my college friends: Wildflower, My New Shoes, Voluable Brat, Horn Dog, and Stone's Throw (and a couple of secret blogs thrown in for spice) to see if they've updated, I start to compose my own blog entry.

Some days, I've been thinking about something to say since the afternoon or night before. Just storing up, thinking about what I'm going to blog about.

Mornings like this, though, I've got nothing.

Sometimes I write only because I want to provide the same satisfaction that I get when I read other people's blog (even if they are only talking about writing on their blog). Later on in the day, when my isolation at work starts to get under my skin and I'm looking around for someone, anyone to talk to, I'll toy with the idea of posting again. Those posts would all sound something like, "HHHHEEEELLLLLPPP! I'm going insane! I want to throw my stupid computer across the room and curl up in a ball under my desk!" (At this point, you should be thankful that I resist mid-afternoon blogging).

So, that's all I've got this morning. Just wanted you all to know that I am thinking about you as you sit down in front of your computers with your coffee, Exotic Chai Tea, Diet Coke, water, or English muffin. Hope you are having a great day!


wildflower said...

You're not the only obsessive comment checker... I too am guitly of that pleasure.

Thanks for writing - I love hearing from you even when nothing "exciting" is happening. It makes my morning cup of coffee and first hour of work extra good.

with love,

Ali said...

Here is a comment for you to check! haha.

What's up on the dating front? Or are you going to not talk about that for awhile since crazy ex-wife and all? Any more weirdness from her?

Caroline said...

I also check blogs all throughout the day. I love having a glimpse in others lives. You wouldn't believe how happy I get when someone puts a new post up. Thanks for letting us in on your life. I love reading all that you are doing.

Amanda. said...

I almost didn't post what I wrote last night because I'm not really sure if I made my point or if there was even a point to be made in the first place. One of those rambling, no beginning, no middle, no end kind of posts.

Anyhoo, it made my day to know that even when I suck, someone actually feels their morning is somehow completed by checking in on my regularly updated blog.

Ditto.... and I'm a water and/or coffee kind of girl.

Dee said...

My mornings would not be complete without my regular blog reads either. However, I do save a few for the afternoon just in case I get bored. I just wish I could be a little more consistent about posting!

Anonymous said...

The only thing better than checking your daily blogs first thing in the morning is having a really super busy morning and not being able to check them until the afternoon. Makes the day go by a ton faster.

And I love having more than one entry to check in a day. LOVE IT.

Sprite here, this morning anyways. Upset stomach. But usually a diet coke girl myself. :)


jenna said...

ok, how bad is THIS? i haven't updated my blog recently, 1. b/c i don't have time to write the stories i want to and post all the pics, but also 2, b/c i think if i wait long enough, more people will comment! (doesn't work, btw).
and for the love, bring me a big ass diet coke and a blog in the morning, and i'm a happy girl. :P

-P said...

A travel mug of PG Tips tea and blogs and I am a happy albeit unproductive lady!

annab said...

it's late and i've had a very long and very shitty day. i kept trying to find time to read all your posts today, but would have to stop in the middle. i finally just finished reading them and i just wanted to say thank you, it was worth the wait!
lots of love.

karrie said...

I'm guilty of obsessively clicking down my blogroll too. I don't like the feel of bloglines, and while I know some options exist for tracking discussions in comment fields, I'll be damned if I know how to use that option.