Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I went to the gym last night.

I don't usually like to plug the establishments that I go to, especially because people then tend to find me on Google and giving a multi-million dollar company free advertising feels weird to me, but I have to say, that Bally's pretty much rocked my boat. There is no processing fee, no initiation fee (both of which I had to pay at Not-Really-Open-24-Hours-Fitness), AND I get to try out the gym for a month for $5. The only thing they wanted from me as a commitment that I would try and go there at least 12 times in the month.

*pause for internal dialogue*

12 times! That's a big commitment. I can't even commit to pooping twelve times in a month. How am I going to be able to go to the gym that much? That's a little less than every other day. Hmmm.....

*internal dialogue over*

So I decided to join. It's a remodeled facility in a crappy stip mall in my part of Houston. I don't have to drive on any major freeway to get there, which is so beautiful that I almost cried. I live in an older part of Houston and there are almost no stores close to me that don't involve me driving on the most crowded freeway known to mankind. The freeway also goes in a giant circle, which Houstonians happily refer to as a 'loop'. As if humans were supposed to drive in circles and never really get anywhere.


I'm going back tonight for my free, hour session with my personal trainer: Traci. Wish me luck.


doow said...

Wow, that's quite a lot of visits per month (apologies for not helping with the internal dialogue). Could you just do this every year? Have one month of intense gym membership for $5 and then say "Adios! See ya next year!"

wildflower said...

Go NSP! You can do it! You're going to remember how good the gym feels, and then you're not going to be able to STOP going!

dee said...

Congrats on the gym membership! I hope you enjoy it. I'm not too fond of Bally's myself, but I think they have changed their policies a bit after they finished ripping every last cent out of my pockets a few years ago.

So, did Zac go to the gym childcare center or have a sitter? Just curious.

Pregnant In Texas said...

He went to the none-too-helpful, so-underpaid-it-was-embarassing, gym childcare. He started to cry when I was getting ready to leave the room and I had to ASK one of the staff to come and hold him. Literally, I was like, "Here's my child. Please take care of him. I'm going to leave now." I'm hoping to find another option soon.

Ali said...

Woohoo, that is great! You can do it, I have no doubt! That is going to be so fun, the machines, the classes, the trainer. Good for you!

You know, a lot of the gyms have members that work in the childcare for discounted membership fees and stuff. You have to work a few hours a month or something and get a nice chunk off your monthly payment. So, that could explain their lack of enthusiasm.

Anyway, I think it is great. Let me know if you get guest passes and I'll cruise up there for a class! Why not, right? You only live once!

jenna said...

woo, hoo! no processing fee? no initial sign up fee? did you have to sign a 10 year contract???

annab said...

my roommate did this $5 bally's deal. she ended up not wanting to go back, but all she did to get out of it was go in and swipe her card 12 times.

sarcastic journalist said...

The fun of the loop is that it is so damn big and crowded that it will take 2 days just to make the full circle.

And yes, I can't commit to pooping, either. my husband, well, he can.