Friday, September 08, 2006


Advice is welcome. How would you respond to this:

SRG: hey sexy sorry I was out of town on thursday and couldn't e-mail you back, im free tonight if you want to! So as soon as I walk in do you want me to strip naked and start working?

Well? Do I?


sarcastic journalist said...

Just make sure that if he is doing naked cooking, he wears a hairnet on his crotch.

Anonymous said...

Ewww..I just pictures pubes in her mashed taters. Thanks SJ. /puke

And NSPIT..I'd answer no, I think.


Caroline said...

I also think no would be my answer. LOL at sarcastic journalist. Hope you and Zac have a great weekend.

annab said...

i say if you are going to do it have someone else over, or "drop by" at least in the beginning.

jenna said...

well, it's saturday now so i'm wondering what you advice would have been HELL NO! but i'm not very trusting. maybe he's actually a good guy. but i doubt it.