Friday, September 01, 2006


Well, it doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere this weekend, although I dreamt of being in New York last night with MNS. Lack of planning, money, and energy are really hampering my dreams of getting out of Texas. It seems that most of my friends already have plans and people that I would like to go and see, live just a little bit too far for me to drive while blowing my nose on scrap pieces of paper I find lying underneith the passenger seat.

For the past two nights, Zac has lost his privilege to be awake. He just comes home from daycare fussy, whiny, and miserable. Then he likes to make me miserable because he is. His new favorite trick is laying down on the ground and putting his head down, crying. He does this until he realizes that I'm not paying attention to him and he'll crawl over to where I'm standing, and lay down at my feet, crying. This goes on approximately three-four times before I pick him and say cheerily (in the "I'm losing my mind" tone of voice), "Well, I guess it's time for little babies to take a bath!!!" Then I fill up the tub and dump as many water-resistant toys in there that I can and watch Zac throw them out of the tumb. Then he stands up and demands (by pointing and grunting, ", eh") that I retrieve the castigated toy from the bathroom floor. He gets one shot at this game. The second time the little plastic men go flying, they are pushed under the floor mat and declared "all gone".

After bath time, I try to wrestle him into pajamas as fast as possible, which only serves to make him as bad as his toddler body can handle before he spontaneously bursts into flames. Then I hug him, take his still quaking body and quivering lower lip to bed. He cries for about ten seconds before he realizes, "Oh thank God. I'm in bed. I can go to sleep".

All of this happens before 7:30pm, at least for the past two nights. Hey - if he needs more sleep, I'm not going to be the one to keep him from getting it. I can get used to drinking an afternoon cocktail and rescuing plastic men during happy hour if he can.


Caroline said...

I got tired just reading what a typical evening for you and Zac is like. Wow. Sorry you aren't able to get away this weekend. We're not going anywhere either. With gas prices the way they are we woudl rather just stay at home. This will allow us to do some much needed cleaning of our back deck. Well, hope you have a good weekend.

mynewshoes said...

I wish you had been able to visit last night! But maybe wait until we have furniture on which to sit, pots in which to cook and and have done some intense cleaning. But, there's good potential travel news on the horizon: Jetblue is starting service between NYC and Houston on September 7th! We'll see each other soon, I'm certain.

Jen said...

Tub time and cocktails might not mix...unless maybe the tub was full of alcohol - but I think that's a frat party?!