Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"As long as there's stars over Teeeeeeeeexas, then I'll hang, the mo-oon for you"

Dear Texas,

I'm tired of you always hanging the moon for me. Every damn night, all I see is the moon in Texas. I want more! Vermont, California, and even Missouri have started flirting me, giving me the attention that I don't get at home. They tell me that I'll like the way they hang the moon better.

You've made me hate 90+ degree weather in late August. I mean, really, can you please just acquiesce to the fact that fall has descended all across America? You can't hold out forever you know. I promise. Eventually, I will wear sweaters and wool socks and love cuddling under a blanket. Right now all I want to cuddle with is a bucket of ice water and copious amounts of Shiner Bock beer.

I need more space. Barring a very fast, emotionally challenging trip to Pennsylvania in early July, I haven't left your borders since New Year's. I haven't even left the greater Houston area!!From Huntsville down to Galveston, I know every nook and cranny of the north-south interstate. I can also drive in circles, on beltways and loops, never leaving the city (!) as the brilliant planners of this fine city decreed. Everything is circular, and brings me right back to where I started.

It's not that I want to permanently leave you. I just want to explore some different parts of my soul. New York keeps calling me, leaving me voicemails, telling me that I need to get my f'ing ass out there or it's going to beat up the brother I don't have. New Hampshire is feeling neglected because I always idolize Vermont, but really, it knows that it has a piece of my heart. Colorado has been asking me to visit for the past three years, but have I made time? No. You know why? Well, I blame you.

You've cowed me into believing that I shouldn't mess with you for long enough. First chance I get, I'm outta here.




Caroline said...

I know exactly how you are feeling. This past April my partner and I took a trip donw to the Keys and this was the first trip I had taken in five years. I was so flipping tired of Kansas City and I just wanted to run. Getting out of town for a while always does good. Hope you will be able to take a trip somewhere. Vacations are so good for the soul, even if it's just for a couple days.

Anonymous said...

Dear Not-so-Pregnant,

Please come to me... I will fill your lungs with crisp mountain air and fill your tummy with delicious microbrews. I will ensure that you spend countless hours lounging by a campfire while coyotes serenade you. I will provide a strapping mountain person to woo you and rub your toes after a long hike. Best of all, I am not Texas.


Pregnant In Texas said...

I think I'm in love with Colorade.

Caroline -

Did you know that I just met another blogger from Kansas City? You should give her a holla'. She's really cool. You can find her at:

Caroline said...

After that comment I think I am in love with Coloradro as well.

dee said...

Come to KC! I know it's a LONG drive, but I have an extra bedroom and Zac and Zach would have a great time creating trouble together! Plus, you could visit Caroline too!

Did I sound a little too anxious there? I just really think we'd get along...except I don't drink beer...but I've got a good stash of tequila, rum, and vodka.

Oh, and thanks for suggesting me to Caroline. I stopped by her page just yesterday. :)

Anonymous said...

I know a guy who spends an excessive amount of time on less than cruise ships, and claims getting away is not all its cracked up to be and can be quite lonely in fact. so this diverj says..who knows. J

g-starr said...


while i can sympathise with you becoming stir-crazy in Texas, i will say that all of us here in london would do almost anything right now for a hot sunny afternoon in which cold beer was welcome!

here, it's been chilly, rainy and windy all of august, making it feel like the middle of autumn already.

shall we swap locations for a few days? :o)


jenna said...

omg, i love it!! can i borrow your "letter to TX" if i give you credit, (as NSP)?? seriously, it sums up why i left H-town, pretty damn well.
it's a high of 76 today in philly and the mornings are now crisp and chilly and it's wonderful - come visit! :)

Pregnant In Texas said...

Sure, Jenna, go ahead and use the "letter to Texas" signed by NSP. I would love to come and visit Philly. I have some great memories from there and part of me will always want to go back.

To answer your question (and I'm sure other people's as well), J. found the blog on his own accord. He knew about it, but never wanted to read it for fear of "knowing too much". It looks like he changed his mind, which is his right.

Anonymous said...

I think that somewhere up in the northeast is calling both our names. A nice b&b, with a nice fire in the morning and warm sense of nothing. I actually never been up there, but it keeps beckoning in the inner beings of my soul. Mind you, I grew up in the midwest where nice crisp morning are the norm come around late September. Anyway, nice letter. H-town is not so bad when late October starts.