Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Good Lord, August is a long month! Who gave this month permission to go on foooorrrevvvver? I updated my budget this morning and gave serious thought to closing that bitch out before the end of the month, just so I wouldn't have to post the ruins of a well-intentioned budget. It's bad enough that there are five FULL weeks in this month (so I had to pay five weeks of daycare cost, which automatically put me over budget) but there are hidden expenses lying in my budget, like the $100 car warranty deductible. True, I luv my car warranty because is saved me $1300 on my last repair, but seriously, you know your budget is tight when you start complaining about co-pays - be it for health insurance, car insurance, or prescription medications.

I spent yesterday at home with Zac, trying not to lose my mind at his unbelievably high temperature that mocked in the face of infant Tylenol. He puked in his crib twice and apparently rolled in it. When I went and rescued him in the morning, his hair smelled so strongly of vomit that I had to bathe him early in the afternoon, just so we could continue snuggling in peace (by snuggling I mean, lying on my chest, drying heaving with me watching the Today show and trying to fall asleep).

After waking up from a four hour nap on the couch with me, I decided to trundle Zac into the city to pick up some files from work so I could "work from home". Turns out that my time would have been better spent going to Blockbuster and picking out new movies to rent than going to my office and displaying my incredibly sick child. I learned that I cannot, under normal circumstances, "work from home". That phrase is a euphemism for "a three hour coma while the baby is taking his afternoon nap". Anytime that I'm around a horizontal surface, I can guarantee you that I'm asleep in under fifteen minutes.

I don't want to hear the "but you're a single Mom" excuse because this is getting ridiculous. I know plenty of single Moms that get enough sleep. Besides, it's not like I'm up doing things and that's why I'm not sleeping. No, really, one minute I'm awake watching CSI reruns, and the next minute, I'm snoring and drooling. Dishes be damned!! One of my friends told me yesterday that I should start a chapter of SA - Sleepers Anonymous. Then we realized that no one would come to the meetings because other SA addicts would be too busy hitting the snooze alarm for the eighth time to actually attend anything.

So, barring any further illnesses or narcoleptic seizures that knock me out for hours at a time, I'll be answering your e-mails shortly. Please, keep them coming, and I might just tell you what happened with Deep Sea Diver J. and why I'm smiling today (although trying not to pass out on my keyboard).


Anonymous said...

Just thought I would comment. I just read your last 3 posts and I have to de-lurk and let you know that I think you are an awesome person. I have been reading your blog since you were preggo with Zac. I was pregnant with my daughter then as well. We have alot in common, and I read your blog often. Your doing a wonderful job with Zac, keep up the good work :)
~Dianne from So Cal

Pregnant In Texas said...

Wow, thank you Dianne. I really appreciate that. Good luck with your daughter and thank you, again, for your support.

Anonymous said...

oh, no fun.

naps! lotsa naps!

for you, i mean.

(also - socal repres'nt!)


Caroline said...

Hope Zac starts to feeling better soon. Reading all the comments that you are getting I Hope you realize how much you inspire people out there.