Monday, August 07, 2006


It's starting to get embarassing. The number of bad blind dates that I go on is starting to make me wonder: is it me? is it them? Am I not ready to date or is everyone I meet off the internet really that weird? Most of the time, I meet great, charming, wonderful men that I have ABSOLUTELY NO romantic chemistry with. Oh, we can flirt over e-mail and even the telephone, but get me in front of someone and they usually start to wonder if they've spilled sour cream on their shirt. I'm that bad at eye contact. It's just that - I'm shy. There. I've said it.


No one ever believes me when I tell them that because I write everything that comes into my head on this blog and have the most up-front, straightforward conversations with my friends that usually involve the phrase, "Well, don't sleep with her until you get her tested!" Honestly. My willingness to submit myself to the torture of blind dates only seems to counteract the fact that I consider myself a little bit reserved in person until you get to know me. What? You were expecting pole dancing and body shots?? That's the second date, people. I go on many first dates and very, very few second ones.

Anyways, I'm going to give you all a little break from my dating (mis)adventures. I met a nice man today (Hi DarthD!) for lunch and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better. Much to SJ's chagrin, I will not be going on a date with a blind cowboy anytime soon, although I did get to spend some more time with her crotch fruit this weekend. Ellie climbed up in my lap, pointed at my shirt and said, "Prettty," so clearly, it's not me that's the problem with this whole dating thing. If a two year-old thinks I'm pretty, then I'm golden. She even grabbed my boob later and exclaimed, "Boobie!" with a glee that I haven't heard in relation to my breasts since before my pregnancy with Zac.

Lately, I've been really getting into some more "controversial" (read: feminist, proud-female) websites. The one that everyone has been talking about in blogs is Check it out, it's pretty amazing.

There has also been a recent "controversy" involving BabyTalk magazine. BabyTalk published a picture of a woman breastfeeding on the cover of their magazines. A full 25% of their readers (of freakin' BabyTalk!!!) feel that it's inappropriate to publish pictures of women and their "giant boobs" nursing. I wish I had a picture of Zac and I that I could post, but the only time my family usually saw me breast feeding was after Zac and I had fallen asleep on the couch, with my right boob hanging out and some of mama's milk drooling out the side of his mouth. It doesn't really lead the picturesque kind of shots that you want to share with the 'Net. Anyways, some women have posted great responses to the BabyTalk cover, most notably Kateri and Joy Unexpected.

All I've got to say to those folks that "object" to pictures of women breastfeeding is: Bite me and my formerly lactating tit!


TheWanderer said...

"I'm that bad at eye contact. It's just that - I'm shy."

Your shyness has a soft edge that I find very appealing. It's very sweet and nothing to regret. Besides, I thought you did good with your eye contact, given your feelings on the matter.

jenna said...

yes, i am surprised! things i didn't know and would never think about B - that she's SHY! just goes to show you, never assume.

when do you start the new job?? keep us posted!