Sunday, July 02, 2006


It has been much too long since I've posted pictures of the Z-man. The countdown to his birthday is on - 6 days until he turns the big 1.

Here is a fairly recent picture of him, taken at my apartment:

And I just found this one of him and my Dad, this time from the front:

Then there is the requisite, "happy baby" photo:

"Ahhhh... I'm so happy it hurts. I hope that all of you that have to go to work on July 3rd can be this happy!!!! " Just kidding.


sarcastic journalist said...

Ellie says "Zac" now. She also ate the rest of his banana mush.

p said...

I recognize that tie-dyed onesie! What a handsome man that is!

bursting with baby Gap pride,
P, Buyer of Photographed Onesie

Pregnant In Texas said...

Yeah for Ellie going over to the dark side of jarred banana mush!! No more organic food for her...

P - The tie-died onesie has been very, very popular in my house for the past year. He has almost out-grown it and now, in honor of his 1 st birthday on Saturday, it is time for me to request another one. Please?

Anonymous said...

he is too cute!! -v

p said...

I can't comment about Grandma in the actual post, so let me say I'm sorry for your loss here. She sounds like a real tough cookie. No doubt those genes were passed on. And how!

Happy birthday, Z; I'll be happy to supply more tie-dyed anything if you e-mail me your address!

Best of luck and love to your family as you go through this alternately sorrowful and joyful time.