Friday, June 09, 2006


As Joy Unexpected said in a recent post, this is one of those, "Because I like to think you care" posts. I got a hair cut last weekend and even though I told the woman I was actually happy with my length (see the post a couple of days ago. That was the length of my hair previously), she definately did some major cutting. I like it, though. I had my hair even shorter than this in college and it's been working out really well with the massive heat wave that's hit Houston. I also, at least like to, think that the weight loss is showing in my face. I still have arms the size of tree trunks (which is why I'm hiding them behind me), but that is mostly genetic.

This is Zac doing his best impersonation of a Mongolian communist after one too many toasts involving bad Russian vodka and singing. Just wanted to prove that not every picture of him looks adorable. This one is actually so bad that it's funny. I mean, he's sitting in a camping chair.....MADE FOR TODDLERS! Grandpa bought him this recently so the two of them could sit out in the front yard and watch the kids play baseball in the street. I can only imagine the two of them going to see minor league games or watching a 4th of July parade. Really, the two of them are very, very cute in their boyhood.

"Hey ladies! I've got a hot vest and some cute thighs. Why don't you swing on over to my crib sometime and I'll see if I can entertain you Central Asian style? Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about!"


wildflower said...

I love you haircut, and I totally think your face is looking slim!

And I like Z in his camping chair! You two should really come up to CO so that he can learn to make s'mores and pee on trees!

Pregnant In Texas said...

I'm pretty sure he will have to learn how to stand up first, but as soon as he does that....we'll be on the first plane to CO.

Glad to read that you are enjoying your summer with extreme sports. Miss you!

jenna said...

kudos to you, btw, for getting someone to take a picture of you and not holding your arm out. god, that annoys the crap out of me.

Pregnant In Texas said...

Ha! Very funny Jenna. You will be happy to know that the picture of me I posted was for my HFB nametag!!

jenna said...

photo nametags? oo la la! :P

doow said...

Great haircut!