Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have a little rule with this site....it is a newly created rule so bear with me as I flesh it out. It's fairly simple. It goes something like this: If you make fun of my blog, insult me on a first date, and then write an annoying e-mail, your shit gets posted here, along with my comments.

Meet D:

"i had a good time with you out on saturday night, i want to apologize about the eye contact thing and the shirt thing (the two things that he was criticizing me for during our "date"), i really meant nothing by it, i am a very observant guy by nature, so i pick up on little things (aka: microscopic things that make me laugh at you in public and generally make women want to throw beer in my direction) maybe more then someone else would.

i have also had a good time talking on the phone and emailing each other for the last week, i have gotten to know you and really like the conversations that we had. However, during the date it wasnt that i wasnt having a good time, or that you werent making eye contact or the shirt thing (again! Lay off the fact that I don't make a lot of eye contact with strangers a**hole! OH - I was trying to show a little floppy, Mom boob to be sexy, but I felt self-conscious about it, so I kept pulling my top closed, rather than let my chest hair hang out like you did), i just didnt feel any sparks when wewere together (Ummm...by lack of sparks, did you mean that you concerned when I wanted to no longer be in the same county as you?). we seem to be able to talk to each other very easily and i enjoyed your company very much. i guess i dont really know how to explain it but there was just something missing romantically to me (because I have no capacity for normal human emotions outside of judgement and spitefulness - oh, wait, I guess I'm being spiteful....shit, scratch that).

i would still like to keep in contact via email and a phone call once in a while (because I feel really guilty about making you angry), but i think we are better off (keeping 500 yards between us at all times) just friends rather then pursue this into more. i am sorry if this upsets you (no, it gives me good material for the blog you made fun of) but i want to be honest with you and not lead you on and be a jerk (Too late! You already were a jerk, but I do appreciate the honesty) i hope i showed on the date that i am not that kind of guy (why is he so worried about what I think? Jeez, an insecure jerk is even worse than a confident one. If you are going to be an a**hole, have some balls about it) hope all is well and that you will still email me to chat (or post my entire e-mail on an anonymous blog for many other friends and single Moms to guffaw at). take care (I will. You too. OH, it might help if you learn to capitalize. I have plenty of friends that would be happy to edit your e-mails for you before you send them. Have your people call my people).

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