Thursday, June 22, 2006


Blind date #4: Telephone Time

A significant portion of on-line dating is done on the telephone, which definately has positive and negative aspects to it. One of the positives is that you get to hear a person's voice, their demeanor, and their world views more quickly than you might while trying to navigate an appetizer and drinks. Of course, the negative aspects of telephone interviews for dates is exactly that: you are essentially interviewing someone to see if you want to hang out with them. That tends to be a little awkward on both sides of the receiver. There is also the problem that you can have great phone and e-mail conversations with someone and then almost literally watch as the chemistry fizzles upon first sight. When that happens to me, I always wish that I could get the time back that I invested in those hour long phone calls.

Last night, I spent the majority of the evening, once Zac had gone to bed after a very, very cranky Weight Watcher's meeting (he was cranky - not me, although I still can't break the 9 pound barrier. I credit Shiner Bock with being my downfall), talking to Do. Do. is 25, a defense lawyer for international clients (which he referred to initially as "practicing international law" until he realized that I'm more knowledgable than most about international law), 6'2, athletic, and very interested in dating a single Mom.


Reread that last part.

He is actively looking to date a single Mom.

I contacted him through Craigslist for the sheer novelty of it after seeing his posting. Looking for a hot, single Mom? Well, damn, I might qualify for that category after enough beers in a dark bar. So, we contacted each other and he sent me a picture. He was standing around a group of children holding shovels, wearing dirty, work clothes with a title saying, "Me at the Last Day at the Worksite." Now he has my attention. Provided that he wasn't required to do mandatory community service or part of a work-release program, I was interested. I'm a sucker for bleeding-heart liberal types.

Except that he's not a bleeding-heart liberal type. God help me, he's Ivy League educated (which doesn't necessary exclude him from the former category, but keep reading), pro-Life, hesitant to endorse gay marriage and knowledgeable of Proposition 2 here in Texas that legally defined marriage between a man and a woman, and questions gender and sexuality studies.


Yet....oh, help me, I liked talking to him. He was well-read and passionate about what he believes in. He strongly believes in a man's role and obligation in raising a child. He wants to work from home so he can be the primary care-giver for his children.

Proceeding with caution. At least I've finally met someone that has lived outside of Texas. That's a plus.

Blind Date #5: Dinner and a Movie on Saturday

Finally meeting up with K. on Saturday. He was one of my last yahoo personals during my free trial, which ended over a month ago. Details to come.


jenna said...

sounds like a creepy conservative to me. seriously, there's something wrong. if you don't want to run, please, proceed with extreme caution.

Anonymous said...

this squicked me out too... really, be careful, there are a LOT of lunatics out there

(not saying *he* is one, but just, you look out for yourself...)

Pregnant In Texas said...

Hmmm...the use of the word "squicked" makes me think that the anonymous post actually didn't come from my parents.

Any reason this blind date in particular worries you?

wildflower said...

I think it's kind of... squicky... too. Kind of sounds like he's targeting you because you're a single mom... not because you are the amazing, talented, sexy woman that you are. I agree with jenna and anonymous.

Chaos Mom said...

I would worry about dating a man who is so "interested" in dating a single mom. There are so many perverts out there that use the mom to get to the kids, i would watch it.