Saturday, June 17, 2006


For Jenna (and no, you didn't piss me off. It all comes down to reading the person. Clearly, P. and I were very intense, even after a short period). Here is his reply (with the understanding, of course, that now I can never tell him about this blog):

"I'm still not clear what it is you want. Do you wish for us to continue dating and see where it leads, or to just allow it to drift away? As to what I want....

I do want all those things you mentioned in your e-mail. I'm being open and honest about that part. Time will tell, on that - isn't that what dating is all about? I vastly enjoy our time together - what little we have to share during the week. I have been looking forward to the weekend and finding activities we both enjoy. I'm always open to trying new things!

As to feeling like "the worst woman in the world" - I can only say 'follow your heart'. I hold no grudges, and am not angry. I understand that you're confused and cautious, which is why I had no problem in going home. YOU should always feel comfortable in your own home, and should always feel comfortable in asking someone to go home. I will always support that.

I see potential here. Sure, there are differences. There always are. It's just a simple matter of 'are they THAT big and/or important' ? The question I was leading up to last night, when you got frustrated and irritated was: With the music in the car: we sometimes focus on one type, but shouldn't we be able to find music we BOTH enjoy? I'm almost POSITIVE that in the wide ranges of music we both enjoy, that they cross over in certain areas, and we could find a great deal of music we both love, and can 'crank it up' while in the car (long roadtrips? Sounds fun!)

So far, I see only a lovely and wonderful woman that I enjoy talking to and spending time with. I do have certain connections to you already on several levels.

I like you, and I'd like to give this a chance and see where it goes.

The only question is: Do you?

Let me know? - P"

He's right. That is what dating is all about. We hung out last night and shared a bad movie over chips and salsa. Things seemed easier between us, especially after I told him that we needed to slow down and not commit our lives to each other within the first week.

We'll see. I'm with MNS: the Enya thing still freaks me out.


g-starr said...

i just got back from my week's vacation and caught up with your blogg. my goodness, it's all so exciting!

i hope you get the job -- fingers crossed!


jenna said...

well, this is by far the best you could have asked for! thanks for sharing. it was a great repsonse. the only problem is, if you honeslty and truely don't see a future with him, you have to let him go. nothing is worse than a dating situation where one person is into it more than the other.
if you are feeling the same way, that you're interested enough to see where it goes, then you got the perfect repsonse!

and it as least sounds like he's willing to turn off the enya in the car, right?? i mean, please please right??? :)

wildflower said...

In my most recent, ongoing, and healthy relationship, I've found that love and attraction have grown and changed over time. It's a whole different animal than the "wow, you're hot, let's makeout Sag-style" kind of thing. As a fellow archer, I want to encourage you to lay back and sit in the relationship for a little while before throwing it out the window. Passion and love come in many forms. I'm not saying he's "the one"; I'm just saying you should be patient and see what happens as long as you're having a good time. You're not looking for a flash in the pan - you're looking for a big-ass gold nugget so you may have to sit by the stream for a while to find it.
Remember, someone in CO is rooting for you!

Ali said...

Wow, his response is wonderful. It shows a mature, honest, open minded man. Hard to find. No pressure though. You got what you needed to out and now you know where he is coming from. Hang out for a bit and see where it takes you.

I can say it is so much harder to date as a single mother than ever before. You have someone else you are looking out for. Someone else you want to spend your time with, so to get a sitter or take away some of that alone time with your child, well, the person better be worth it!

Follow your gut, but also, try not to think too much about it all. Life is to be enjoyed and I'm so glad you have at least found someone decent to spend some of your time with. It took me years to find a decent person, they are few and far between these days! Good luck with it all!

Pregnant In Texas said...

Ali -

I was looking for your e-mail address the other day when I was headed into Friendswood. Can you please post it again? Once I write it down, I'll delete it.

I would like to talk to you.