Friday, March 17, 2006


Oh....what is interesting about a blog is that it captures a particular moment in time, with the rest of life slipping through the cracks. My blog hasn't captured much of anything lately, as I've been living in the gulleys and valleys of life outside of the internet.

BUT, I do have news to tell. Since this blog is dedicated to Zac, I'll share his news first. His first "official" word was "Mama" (no, not David Letterman as some of my friends had planned). He had been babbling "Dadadadadadadada" for about three months now, but I don't count that as his first word because: 1) He doesn't have a dada and 2)He didn't know what he was saying. He said, "Mama" on the floor of our living room, lying on his back with his arms outstretched, crying for attention. Let's just say that it got my attention. I immediately ran over to him and stood over him, not picking him up, until he said it again. Now, I might as well be a salivating dog because it is so much harder to ignore him when he's saying "my" name.

In other Zac news, he is recovering nicely from his third double ear infection in two months. The Doc is threatening that if he has too many more that they're going to put tubes in. I say, bring on the tubes. The poor kid has been miserable, especially with my parents on vacation. With me running around the house, trying to do the dishes, laundry, feed the cats, feed myself, and feed Zac, I don't have enough time to constantly hold him (Yes - M&D, he misses you two).

My first full day of solo parenting came last Sunday. Zac had been diagnosed with the ear infections on Friday (a bon voyage present from my Mom) and had started a new kind of antibiotics. The old antibiotics gave him horrible diarrhea, and he's still trying to gain weight from the whole rotavirus thing. Did I mention that I'd being willing to cut off a finger to keep this kid healthy? If not my fingers, than certainly someone else's. Nevertheless, I woke up Sunday and Zac had a rash on his forehead. Upon further inspection, I saw that the rash was all over his chest, back, and legs. I kept thinking, "Oh no, he has a rash. I need to make sure that he gets his medicine to fight the rash." It never even occured to me that the medicine might have given him the rash. About an hour later, Z and I were in the ER for the third time in eight months. This time they were at least polite enough to hide their excitement when I flashed my new health insurance card.

Four hours, two doses of Benadryl, and one new prescription for an antibiotic later, Zac and I were back at home. He slept most of the day and I decided to follow suit on the couch (Ahh...blessed naps). My son and I are so good at sleeping together, it's a little scary. I woke up this morning with his back to my chest, cuddled up like a little pea pod inside the pea. Unbelievably cute, even at 6:30am.

In other news, I met a guy two weeks ago at a local bar and have been hanging out with him. We've had a good time together, even if he is younger than me by two years. Five years ago he was in high school. Five years ago I was in England drinking warm beer and riding my bicycle on the left hand side of the street (although those two events never occured at the same time).

For the folks at home keeping score of my love life, this one is much better than the FOB. The guy I'll call, "Scout" is a supervisor at his job, has his own apartment, makes regular payments on his truck, and has what he likes to refer to as, "excellent credit". I'm not really sure why he told me about his credit, especially considering the fact that I wasn't planning on making a loan in the near future. It's nice to know that if I do need a line of credit, I can use his body as collateral. His most redeeming feature, besides being handsome and a good listener, is that he seems to be really into me. Surprising, if not shocking. I'm not that into me and I have to hang out with me all the time. Really, I'm sick of me, but me just won't leave me alone.


For the record, I haven't achieved "Sex in 06" yet. I'll keep you all informed.

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Ali said...

Woohoo! Good for you. I'm glad you found a decent guy to hang out with! I just met someone that I totally dig who is 5 years younger than me. Is it in the Friendswood water or something? haha. Have fun and I hope Zac stays well!