Thursday, January 26, 2006


Either the trainer is insensitive, I'm oversensitive, or a little of both. When I asked him if he wanted to hang out Saturday night he said, "I don't see why not. hmmm....yeah, we can hang out." I don't see why not.... Well, you might not be able to if I kick your ass for being a poophead. I don't see why not! Geesh. Clearly he doesn't realize that I have a full social calendar that involves staring at my cell phone wishing that it would ring, watching home improvement shows on TLC, and generally feeling bad about myself because I haven't been able to make friends here.

As I was walking in the door last night from the gym, my Dad hollered out that I might get to see my son awake if I hurried into the living room. About half way there I heard: "Nope. Too late." I walked in to find Zac sleeping in my Mom's arms. I took him and held him for a little while and then walked into his room to put him down in his crib. I kid you not, he didn't have his head on his crib for more than 30 seconds before he started crying. He did not want to be put down, he wanted to be held and rocked, even while asleep. I obliged because it seems heartless to make your son "cry it out" when you've been away from home for the past 13 hours. Maybe he should have let me cry it out instead.

When he woke up at 11pm, I had just fallen asleep. That is the hardest time for me to be up with him because every part of my body is screaming, "GO TO SLEEP". He polished off 8 ounces of formula, a little boob milk, and was still fussing. I pulled him up onto my chest and patted his back until he fell asleep. Somewhere in between him falling asleep and me passing out, I neglected to move him off my chest and onto the bed. I woke up at three am after hearing a distinct "smack" sound. It sounded exactly like a body part hitting a solid object. I'm not exactly sure what it was; whether it was my elbow, Zac's hand, or his head. He had rolled off my chest and was laying perilously close to the nightstand and the abyss over the side of the bed.

Good morning to me.

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