Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The trainer wants to see me again. Granted, it's Wednesday and he's seen me twice already this week, but that has been all gym related. After freaking out on Sunday about the whole "dating" thing, I finally started to calm down. It didn't help that when I went to work the first thing that everyone asked me about was my weekend and, more specifically, my date. I had no idea that my co-workers were so protective of me and so interested that in me being happy.

On Monday, the trainer was really excited to see me and smiled a lot. It was just really nice, even if I was trying to do situps on a ball and not fall on my head. He told me funny stories and generally tried to make me forget that I was doing lunges would make me sore for two days.

OH - Gotta go, now. I'm late for my appointment with my trainer. You know I'm all about working out.


Jen said...

Is working out a new code word? ;) Good luck - even if it is just "working out" the satisfaction and image-related boost certainly won't hurt with finding others to work out with!

Pregnant In Texas said...

No, "working out" is only a code word for "I'm unbelievably sore today from lifting heavy pieces of weight in uncomfortable positions".

I've lost five pounds from "working out" and strangers have started oogling me, which is an interesting feeling because it has been so long since anyone has seen me as something other than a walking uterus.