Thursday, January 19, 2006


This is Zac getting WAY more action than I've seen in recent history with our friend Melissa at Jenna's pre-marathon carbohydrate party. Melissa watched Zac the first week after I went back to work, although now she is going to school and living in central Texas. So, if anyone is looking for a hot, socially-responsible, nutritionist, give me a holla' and I'll hook you up. (Yes, I am shameless).
"You want me to run what? I can't even crawl yet!"

I'm so tired that I'm ready to curl up next to Zac and try and get some sleep. He was out by 7:30pm tonight (Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!!) I had to get up extremely early on Sunday to make it to downtown Houston to cheer on the "Run for a Reason" running team. My Mom and I were both out at the "Hoopla Station" at Mile 7 to watch everyone go by, with Zac in tow. Zac ended up getting windburned/sunburned and a little annoyed at all the noise. It was worth it, though, as the waves of palpable energy emanated from the sea of runners. My Dad (Grandpatobe) walked the half marathon in three hours, thirty minutes. I was so motivated by the whole event that I even volunteered to lead the HFB Running Team next year in the (*gasp*) marathon.

This is clearly what happens when I don't get my period for over fifteen months! I start doing crazy things and since my period has basically explained every other crazy event in my life, I'm definately saying that I have been insane since October 2004. This is just its latest manifestation. OH, I also found out what the "last straw" was with that woman at work. Her phrase to me was: "Things have been escalating for quite some time now and this was just the last straw!" Escalating? Last straw? I stood there, completely confused out of my mind, and ended up sobbing on my way home from work, talking to Aunt Jen. In my mind, Jen was like, "Uh, huh, yeah, she sounds like a real bitch, yeah, uh, huh. No, you're not crazy. Did you know that I'm in the middle of a major life crisis trying to change jobs and move houses? Really, ok, I'm sorry that she was mean to you, but....." It went on like that for almost a half-an-hour. Jen is best person to call when I'm upset because she always has an action plan and if action doesn't work, then she at least can sympathize.

However, I had to go talk to HR about this woman that sits in my office (one office = 3 cubicles = no privacy). Apparently, I had eaten her chicken. Yup, she had some unmarked chicken in the communal refrigerator that I cut up and put in my salad. I thought that it was leftover from one of the lunches that an agency in town brings us (the paradox being, of course, that a food distribution organization routinely gets prepared food brought to them) . The HR guy said that I should keep my personal distance.

Point taken.


Jen said...

Love the pics - in the second one Zac looks scared to death, an appropriate reaction for being around crazy marathon people :)

Anonymous said...

Remember, those crazy marathon people are your parents.:^)

jenna said...

holy crap, that is most ridiculous thing i have ever heard - about the chicken. why didn't she just say something to you? was it labeled? i do believe i put a sign on said refrigerator saying that wasn't labeled is fair game.

way to pimp out melissa, btw, has she seen this yet?? she's going to kill you!! i love it!! :)


Pregnant In Texas said...


It was Melissa's idea!!! Hi, Melissa!:) Love you! Wish you were still at the Food Bank

jenna said...

nice - you don't with **I** was still at the food bank?? feel the love . . .



Pregnant In Texas said...

Jenna - I wish that you were still at the food bank, but if you were, then I wouldn't have a job! FEEL THE LOVE>>>>>