Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I saw a lot of this face last night. In fact, I saw about two hours of this face, followed by the most intense whimpering, chin shaking, and giant gasps of breath. It's been going on like that since this weekend, but last night I finally decided to face up to what it actually is: colic.

It should be renamed "demon" because it possesses a baby's body for a period of time and then suddenly leaves, just as fast. On Sunday, after an hour and half of solid crying, Zac stopped, farted, and fell instantly asleep. Did that one little fart keep him from going to sleep earlier? Could I have saved myself and my parents the stress of listening to a child we care about cry, inconsolably, for hours on end simply by making him fart? It's unfortunate that I don't have the necessary super powers to make human beings fart on command. Think about the possibilities for that! It would definately come in handy during my next staff meeting....

So, last night, we rocked, we sang, we moved his legs, we walked with him, we tried to feed him, we set up down in the cradle to cry it out, we read out of the "What to Expect in the First Year" book, we gave him anti-gas medication. Nothing worked. The book said that the worst of the colic comes between six and twelve weeks. While I'm thankful that there is an end in sight, it's discouraging to think that I have six more weeks of looking at my son's small intenstine through his wailing mouth.


Anonymous said...

Colic. I wish the Victorians had done away with this maddening predicament! I hope that Z somehow finds ease and calm amid the hormones, or whatever causes it....
I've been hanging out with Z's peer here in Bristol. He enjoyed spitting up all over me today and then smiling. He appears to be in love with the spinning fan. He screamed when I obstructed his view of his first friend: Mr. Fan.
May sleep be near at hand!

sarcastic journalist said...

Poor thing. We had reflux in our house, so we had lots of crying, too. I hope he gets to farting real soon.