Friday, March 04, 2005


I can remember when once upon a time I defended the FOB against people that called him a "drunken-deadbeat-asshole-without-two-cents-to-rub-together-to-know-what-he-will-miss-if-you-and-the-baby-leave". Yeah, once upon a time I used to protest: "Well, he's actually a really nice guy and he makes me laugh." He hasn't made me laugh in a very, very long time. Almost everytime I think about him I burst into tears of anger or sorrow. I just got off the phone with him where he told me that he had five minutes to talk because he needed to get into the shower. Hmmmm....he couldn't postpone that, huh? I tried to wrap up what the lawyer and doctor told me yesterday in under five minutes. This is what the FOB gives me: five minutes.

In those five minutes he once again repeated his lame-ass reasons why he can't be a part of his son's life. In no particular order, those reasons are: his friends, his job, his house (which he is currently renting from me), his family and his dog. His dog ranks higher than his son. When things in NH reached the un-safe barrier, I packed up and hightailed it to TX where I could raise my child in peace without the constant smell of marijuana and Jack Daniels. I didn't want to move to TX. I can easily think of five other cities that I would rather be in than Houston, but I moved because having my Mom and Dad's support was the best thing for me and the baby. Yes, I put the needs of the baby OVER my pathetic desire to have a social life and friends that I can drink Earl Grey tea with. I moved because in my heart I knew that he'd never move for our child. He will never be the father I hoped that he would be because he is not the man that I thought he was. His selfish desires and the ability for him to get "drunk and laid" easily are more important than the child he created.

Well, I am now declaring it open season on deadbeat fathers. If anyone would like to call the FOB and tell him what you think about him, e-mail me or leave a comment in this post and I'll send you his home and work phone number (I'd give you his e-mail address, but he doesn't use the Internet). I'm tired of defending him. He is now dealing with one pissed off pregnant woman.

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