Thursday, March 03, 2005


The interview at the non-profit agency did not go well yesterday. I had this feeling that the director I was meeting with would be tougher than the woman I had my first interview with (who loved me, I might add). They scheduled the two interviews over a week-and-a-half apart, which was ridiculous because I actually only needed one interview with the director herself. I got my hopes up in the interim. Plain and simple.

Without divulging too much information, I applied for a government program that places volunteers in non-profit organizations and schools. You have to take a preservice orientation class before you can start working and the next pso isn't until May. This fun government program also has rules like: "No xxxxx can take a leave of absence within the first three months of their assignment. Taking a leave of absence without preauthorization results in immediate termination." Let's do the math: If I start on May 1st and the baby is due on July 15th.....oh, it looks like I just missed that cutoff. If only I could keep the baby inside until August! But wait, that sounds like hell. I don't want to do that. So, the non-profit folks are e-mailing my Texas representatives of the Government Program to see if either I could start earlier or get the magic preauthorization to have my baby on time.

Once again I am at the mercy of a government program that doesn't know me, doesn't care about me, but gets to make decisions regarding my life. The other fun implication of this "to preauthorize or not preauthorize" dilemma is that if they choose to not allow me to take this job, if the non-profit offers it to me, and go on maternity leave, I will be barred from every other program that starts at the same time. Apparently the birth of my child interrupts their government schedule.

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