Monday, March 28, 2005


Pregnancy fun keeps going, and going, and going....Doc's office called me today to tell me that the baby is still big and breech. Peanut is so big in fact that after my ultrasound at 36 weeks, they might induce labor. What could be more fun than that? Oh, yeah, a C-section. I actually have no problem with them inducing me earlier. The sooner this child gets out of me, healthy, the better. The fact that it will be early summer instead of late July is just a perk. Beautiful.

In other baby news, my Mom and I made our weekly pilgrimage to Babies R Us and purchased an infant car seat and stroller. The car seat detaches from the base and snaps into the stroller, which is truly a great invention. I'm left wondering, however, how does my child have a bigger car than I do? This thing looks like the Cadillac of strollers, but it was actually cheaper to buy the combo unit than to buy each piece separately.

We also assembled the crib this weekend. It is currently sitting in our living room because I need to vacuum and steam clean the carpet in the nursery (a lot of paint + pregnant woman that is having a hard time bending over + Dad that spilled some paint while trying to stand on a ladder = the need to steam clean). We may have to get one of those cute, over-priced throw rugs that match the crib bedding just to hide all the yellow spots on the carpet. Either that or we can just wait until the baby makes his own yellow spots.

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Pammy said...

good early-ass morning
all I want to say is the old lark about radiant pregnant ladies is true: you look LOVELY in that picture!