Friday, March 18, 2005


Ahhh....suki, suki, now. Time for more cute baby pictures, but only if someone tells me where the week went. It's actually a blessing to have time go by quickly. Trust me. I've lived in a place where every hour stretched to infinity and contemplating the hours stacked upon hours was enough to make me go out of my mind. Literally.

Here is Jayiden Shannon Marie. Apparently someone in her family couldn't decide what her middle name should be so they gave her two. Jaiyden gets extra snaps for having a daddy, in general, but specifically having a daddy that wears his baseball hat backwards in a hospital and rests his little one on his big belly. I don't know what's funnier about that picture: where the baby is laying or the look on her daddy's face. He's kind of like, "What the f**k have I gotten myself into?"

By now you all know that I'm a complete sucker for pictures with Dads and babies. I'll probably end up being one of those freaky women that go to malls and cry when they watch Dads playing with their kids. Nevertheless, this is Logan Alex, born on March 12th at 34 weeks. He is not a happy pumpkin in this shot. I probably wouldn't be happy if I had to leave my womb six weeks early, either. I'm not even happy when I have to get out of bed thirty minutes early.

Connor and Candance, some March twins, look like they could be frontrunners in the next "Look Who's Talking" casting call. Welcome to the world, Candace and Connor.

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