Friday, March 11, 2005


What time is it? Oh, yeah. You all know the's CUTE BABY FRIDAY!!!!

Here is Keegan James, born July 1, 2004. Quite a handsome little man with a shirt on his head, if I do say so myself.

This is Molly Rose, born September 24, 2004. She definately wins the award for "best hair of a newborn" in the cutie category.

Abby Brynn's parents did a good job making her look cute in this bath shot, but just to show you how cute she can look all on her own, I've included this shot. She was born on July 28, 2004.

Just so you all don't think that I'm deglecting the March 2005 newborns, check out these cute arrivals to the world:

Samantha Reese, Jacinta Gabrielle, and Isabella Elizabeth

In the land of Daddy's that care, this Dad wrote a heart-breakingly beautiful piece to his unborn son, Ayden Brody, who came on March 2nd:

"I am Brad, I am the daddy of this new life. My excitement level for the birth of my first child is overwhelming. I feel great anticipation for my baby boys life to enter mine. I am proud to be having my baby with a woman that loves children as much as I do. It has been very hard for me to process everything that is going on, but overall, I can only think about this miracle and what I come up with is, no matter what happens, that child has my blood and I am a father. The only thing better than that thought would be if I could go through the whole experience myself (but I dont have a womb). I'm jealous of Jen, she has the connection I can never have. That connection being the pregnancy, and she deserves it. It brings light to her very trying life and my equally trying life. Thats why I feel this is perfect for us. With all that said, I love Jen and that baby sooo much that I would die protecting both of them. Cant wait!See you soon Ayden! I love you."

Does anyone want to guess how much that made me cry? Anyone? Yes, the back row. Yup, I cried my hormonal eyes out when I read this. I want to print out every post that this guy has written and mail it to the FOB. I want to call this man and encourage him to start a support group for "Men With Babies" and somehow force the FOB to go to it. I wish that there were "Daddy surrogates"; men and women that would come and protect single pregnant women on a rotating basis, rub their backs and read the baby stories through Mom's swollen belly.

P.S.- No news on the non-profit front. I have a telephone interview today at 11am with another agency in the non-profit sector and two phone calls to follow up with in the private sector.

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