Friday, February 02, 2007


Bloody ears are never a good thing to wake up to. In fact, blood out of any orafice is a down-right awful way to wake up.

Z-man looked at me with a bloody ear this morning and I had no idea to do. There wasn't blood dripping out of it. It was just a little crustiness. A quick glance inside showed me that there was more bloody stuff where that came from.

I tried to get him into an Ear Nose and Throat doctor today, but I couldn't get him in. When I finally got a hold of an after hour nurse that paged the on-call doctor, I was told that a little bit of blood isn't uncommon for kids that have ear tubes. When I asked (ok, shrieked at him), "Do you think his ear drum ruptured??" He answered kindly that his ear drum can't rupture because the tubes have already pierced it.

I said, "Oh" like any over-protective parent would.

I's blood...coming out of his ear...

Mucus I've learned to handle, blood is something totally different.


CruiserMel said...

Yikes. I would've made the call too. Sounds awful to me. Keep us posted will ya?

Pregnant In Texas said...

Sure thing, Cruisermel. He's asleep right now...I should probably go and join him.

Dee said...

I had tubes in my ears when I was a kid and my mom always tells me about the day that my sister woke up screaming because there was blood all over my pillow. My mom freaked out thinking that I had put my head through the window that was next to my bed. Upon further inspection she figured out it was my ears.

Hope Zac (and Mom) are doing better today.

wildflower said...

For the record, I would have freaked out too... that's scary. Glad the doctor said it wasn't a big deal, tho. Poor Z man!

mynewshoes said...

You have dealt with so many fluids coming out of this child! Hopefully he's getting it all out of his system (heh) now, so he'll be a healthy little guy once he starts school!