Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Babies...yes, let's talk about babies....

We all like babies, right?

It's a mommyblog afterall. The key criteria for writing one is that you actually ARE a mommy, although looking through the archives for January, someone might think that I gave Zac away to a maurading hoarde of oil and gas workers that were intent on driving my utility bills through the roof during this month. Rest assured, I didn't give him away. He's still around.

His ear has been leaking the most horrible green mucus since the weekend. My Dad took him to the doctor yesterday (lack of sick time on my part), and the doctor confirmed that Zac had a sinus infection (and this is the kicker) that was leaking out his ear.

That green mucus coming out his ear?

It's the same stuff that I wipe off his nose on a regular basis, just mixed with some ear wax.

Can you say, "EWWWWWWW"? I can. That is just nasty and it makes me a little lightheaded if I think about it too long. I mean, I knew that the ear and nasal canals were all connected back there. I just didn't need a walking science experiment to demonstrate that point to me.

Ahh...speaking of walking. Watching Zac walk is one of the greatest joys for me. Little kids walk in such a different way from adults. Little kids pick up their legs, bent at the knee, and their whole foot comes off the ground with each step. They rock back and forth, side to side, when they meander over to the toy box or into the kitchen to whine for another, "Cacka" (For those of you that don't speak toddler, that means "cracker". You all will be happy to know that I'm apparently raising a child with a Boston accent. He hasn't said a single "r" yet and doesn't appear particularly inclined to do so.) Toddlers stand, almost perfectly upright, and often use their hands to express their joy while walking. It's just amazing.

Unfortunately, my guy won't (absolutely f'ing refuses to) walk outdoors. He won't even cross a threshold. I open the door to our apartment and he looks outside, then promptly sits down. If I've convinced him just to take a couple steps outdoors, he'll sit down and start to cry within two feet from the house. I still have to carry him to and from the car and in and out of daycare. According to the doctor yesterday, my bundle of joy weighs over 27 pounds. If he keeps this up, I'm going to start practicing the firefighter's carry on him and throwing him over my shoulder, while balancing my work bag, lunch bag and his daycare bag in my arms.

At least his Uncle K and Aunt Jen will appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to blow your theory, yesterday not only did he walk outside, through automatic door openers, but down the handicaped ramp and started through the parking lot. The little guy can haul butt when he wants to.


P said...

Z is totally playing you!!!


Pregnant In Texas said...


*in a whiny voice* Why do you always have to make me look stooopid in front of my friends? :)


He's not the first man to do so and he won't be the last!!


Does anyone know how I can make Zac walk for me outside? Do I just let him scream until eventually he picks himself up?? Or do I just ask Grandpa to take him outside as much as possible until he thinks it might be fun to walk with his Mom?

wildflower said...

Roxy was the same way when we first got her - no way was she going to leave the house! We finally lured her out the door with boiled chicken.

annab said...

yeah, penny is like that in the winter too. i have to put a sweater on her and drag her around on her leash. although i think those kid leashes are pretty freaky.
does he like to run, like play tag? maybe you could run out the door enticing him to run after you and he wouldn't think about it?

Anonymous said...

Kids will always do something that parents say they can't. I think its to keep parents on their toes.
love, m