Thursday, January 25, 2007


Federal proposal - submitted

Life - moving on

Zac- still not sleeping worth a damn and stands, mesmerized, when the face of Elmo appears on the TV screen and starts talking to him during, "Seaseme Street".

Elmo - oddly talks in third person. "Elmo's happy today. Are you happy today? Elmo is veeeerrry happy today because Elmo is going to go see his friend."

Me - doing better, thanks. Still just so unbelievably tired. My apartment looks like I've been letting Zac run around unfettered for two or three weeks (not true) and not picking up after him (true). Earlier in the week, I had to say to my friend Lars, "Don't worry about that mess on the couch. It's just dried banana. It won't get on your pants or anything." Lars, who has no kids of his own, looked at me like I just grew a second head. I followed up with, " also shouldn't get too close to Zac because I think he just pooped and I'm waiting for an e-mail from my boss before I go and give him a bath."

After I got him out of the bath, he sat down on the living room rug and pooped (again). Then stood up and quickly moved away from the offending mess, laughing, while I groaned inside and went into the kitchen for paper towels.

Nothing says, "Thanks for being the friend of a single Mom" like a fresh pile of shit.

Friends, Family, Bloggers, Commenters, and Lurkers - all and all: amazing.


Anonymous said...

At least in life, shit is constant!



Anonymous said...

whoops--meant to sign that:


Anonymous said...

could there be a reason for one of your Christmas presents????


CruiserMel said...

There ya go again, looking on the bright side of things. :)

jenna said...

congrats on getting the proposal done and turned in!!! i couldn't even imagine. awesome.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad things are moving forward for you NSPIT. I'm just now getting around to reading your entries since the fiasco on the 23rd. Can I say I'm relieved it's just Zac's teeth. Have you called your pedi for any suggestions? I hate to push any advice, but you have my email if you want to hear my experience.


Melanie Marie said...

Tired as you may be, you are still very funny!