Thursday, December 21, 2006


I must be doing something right with this whole parenthood thing.

Last night I was sitting on the toilet pooping, wishing I could close the door, but knowing that if I did the toddler on the bed would go ballastic in 8 nanoseconds. So, he and I are "talking" to each other. I'm asking where his eye, nose, mouth, ears, and head is. He dutifully points at the various body parts and tries to say the word. When we get to his head, he starts smacking himself as hard as he can, laughing. This also makes me laugh, which I think is why he does it.

Growing bored with the "Where's your _____?" game, we move on to my second favorite game to play while incapacitated, the "Tell Mommy you love her" game. Actually, I'm just trying to get him to say, "I love you". Whenever I tell him to say, "I love you", he looks at me like I just ate a bug. I try to simplify the process by saying each word slowly and asking him to repeat after me.

Me: Zac, say, "I"

Zac: Points to his eye and yells, "Eye!"

Me: *laughing* Now say, "Love"

Zac: blank stare

Me: Zac, say, "Love"

Zac: blank stare

Me: Ok, say, "You. I love you!"

Zac: Starts frantically waving his arm shouting, "Bye, bye Momma. Bye, bye!"

Apparently he really can understand what I'm saying whenever I drop him off at daycare.


Not Just a Mom said...

Try this... when you say "LOVE" cross your arms around your you are hugging yourself and then point your finger outward(so he would point to you) and say "YOU". This worked with my daughters and my nephews and nieces.

annab said...

that is SO CUTE. you should post some more video sometime of the z-man. he is adorable.

P said...

OMG, you really do have a baby. (it just sunk in) Getting him to talk must be so exciting! When do I get to see him again?


Dee said...

That is so funny! I can't get my Zach to say "I love you" either. He points to his eye and that's about it. I think he's holding out on purpose so he can surprise me someday.

CruiserMel said...

Too cute. Precious, actually. You must use this against him at his wedding.

Amanda. said...


Although sounds a bit like I've every bad relationship I've ever had. I say "I love you" and they say "bye".


karrie said...

Very sweet!:)