Wednesday, December 06, 2006


- Update on the boob -

(Never in my life could I imagine writing those words)

(I also couldn't imagine being a single Mom to a sick toddler, but since that is going so well, I'm just going to update on boob and not overanalyze too much, ok?)

I called Planned Parenthood about the boob on the advice of a very smart blogger who knows more about boobs and vaginas than I could ever dream of knowing. PP wanted me to come in - IMMEDIATELY - for a manual boob test (no calculators allowed) and then a referral for a boob ultrasound. Then I found out that PP doesn't take insurance (really? nothing?) so I had to call my regular OB-GYN.

Dr. Doesn't Take Any Shit, as you might remember her from my pregnancy with Peanut, also Doesn't Have Any Appointments until mid-February. I got transferred to her nurse, who you could just about hear scoff at the thought that I was referred to her by the same people that get fire bombed on occasion. Well, I told her about my symptoms and my test(s) to check for more Peanuts in the popcorn, so to speak, and she was unimpressed. She said that she would talk to the doctor and call me back.

She called.

Dr. Doesn't Take Any Shit doesn't want to see me. Her advice? Take some Advil and apply a hot compress. Call her again the pain worsens or persists for more than a month.


As for those tests (I've taken 3 now), well, I was told that they are accurate and that my breast pain, fatigue, and upset stomach must be caused by something else, like a stomach flu.

I've heard that's going around. I hope Zac doesn't get it.


jenna said...

A MONTH??!! girl, you need a second opinion. i know, i know, with what insurance? aarrgh. let's all move to canada.

Dee said...

I agree with Jenna. A month is too long. Perhaps you could call another doctor that would take your insurance?

Ali said...

Go get the test done pronto! Go to PPH if need be, call another doc, somehow get in with someone to look into this. If I learned anything from my friend Marie, it is to take it serious and make the docs take you serious too!