Monday, November 27, 2006


The Zac report:

1) He is feeling much better, thank you, and only coughs occasionally now instead of semi-periodically and I maintain that you can only really know the difference between those two terms after holding a coughing child in your arms.

2) He stole the show at Thanksgiving. All of my relatives doted on him and kept exclaiming, "He's such a happy baby!" (which he is. Until he's tired. Or teething. Or grumpy. Or wanting to take all the diapers out of the diaper bag and put them back one by one and his mean Mom won't let him because we need to go to daycare. Then, he's not so happy).

Basking in the glow of family members: Wonderful

3) He's learned how to signal what he wants with a combination of words and baby signs. More cereal? Points to the exact spot on his highchair where he wants it to go. Bottle? ba ba. Give me that toy, damnit! Opens and closes his hand repeatedly. If he's hungry? No. Thirsty? No. Try to take away any toy that he wants to play with? No no no no no no nooooooooo.

Language acquisition: Amazing.

4) Big news - Mr. Z took five steps between my Mom and my cousin the day after Thanksgiving!!! He's getting more confident every day and drops to his knees less and less when we hold his arms and walk with him.

Watching a 26 pound toddler learn how to walk: Priceless


g-starr said...

how exciting!! i bet the z-man just wanted to prove that no one could make him walk until HE was ready!!!


Dee said...

Yea for Zac! Talking and signing and walking make for fun times ahead!

Pregnant In Texas said...

I think he just wanted an audience. He walked for the "first time" in front of a whole room of adoring family members. We all clapped and shouted for him. He lapped up all the attention.

wildflower said...

yay for walking and talking Zak!!

mynewshoes said...

Maybe there was something in the Northwest always makes me want to walk too. Sounds like you had a good trip! Hope to talk to you soon.


doow said...

Well I don't know, I get a few days behind on my blog reading and Zac starts walking! Great news to find in my Bloglines :-)