Monday, October 30, 2006


I always knew that I was special:

According to the website: How Many of There are Me there is no one else in America with my first and last name. There are 0 people with my first name (thanks Mom and Dad!) and 224,976 people that I share a last name with. I wish I knew about this website in college when a lot of drunk women kept asking me if a famous movie star was my Dad (he's not). Nor do I have any 1980's rockstars, guitar makers, or ceramic potters in the immediately family. So stop asking.

There is one other person that has the last name as me, that includes an extra "n" in her name. There are 16 people that were fortunate enough to spell my first name with an "i" instead of the non-vowel known as "y" that populates my first name.

Personally, though, I love the y in my name. I guess now I have definitive proof that that different is sometimes better.


wildflower said...

You inspired me to do my own search -
There are 97 people with my name (if I spell it with an e at the end). I happen to know that 3 of us are members of a certain gym chain.
My partner is truly unique - there's only one of him, and only 660 people with his last name. I've met 11 of them!

jenna said...

wow - there's really no other people with your first name spelled the way you spell it?? that's pretty cool. i didn't think it was that unique, meaning i've heard of it before, but i guess the cool trick with the
"y" sets you apart! :) there are none others with my 1st and last, but 44,955 other "jenna"s and 330 others with my last name - the spelling of which was slightly changed at ellis island, so i'm related somehow to all of them.

but no matter what that site says, i think we are both one of kind, and that's awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

there are two people in the us with my first and last names.

carolyn 98908908908

Caroline said...

Wow, that is pretty neat. I did that survey a few weeks ago and found there are 127 people with my first name and last name. My partner though had just 24 with her first and last name.

karrie said...

I also am a figment of the internet's imagination. :)