Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I'm having one of those mornings (days, weeks, months) where I'm not exactly sure where I lost my mind, but I'm pretty sure that I'll find it around here somewhere. Zac is driving me absolutely, completely ape-shit crazy.


Granted, the boy has more medical problems right now that I have external appendages. I know that that's part of his problem, but is it all of it? I took him to the doctor on Wednesday when the green slime coming out of his right ear reached mammoth proportions. Really, when something starts running down your neck, it's time to get it looked at. The doc had told us before that ear drainage was normal when you have tubes, but again, it was green, it looked like boogers, and it was threatening his collar bone. She prescribed amoxicillan (our favorite antibiotic of choice around these parts) and Ciprodex ear drops. (That's 2 medications - try to see if you can keep count!)

Then on Friday, he went to an Ear-Nose-and-Throat Doc that acted like discussing anything outside of the ENT region of the body was a waste of his time. This includes: possible side effects to medication, whether or not my child was scared, and whether or not I was going to kick his ass. They suctioned his ear out by first making him wait 45 minutes in a tiled room with many sharp objects that his Momma and Gram wouldn't let him touch and then wrapped him in a sheet and had two nurses hold him down. There was sheer terror in his eyes and I almost started crying for him. The vacuum-cleaner apparatus they used to suction out the mucus made a noise so loud that I thought the ENT Doc was planning on mining for brain tissue while he was there. With a wave of his magic pen, we left with another prescription for an antibiotic that did something other than, "piss in the wind", in his opinion.

Then Saturday rolls around and Zac's eye puffs up so much that I'm not really sure he could see out of it. Remember all that housecleaning I said I did BEFORE MNS' visit? Remember that I said I swept all the leaves off my patio. Well, Mr. I'm-Going-Through-Extreme-Separation-Anxiety, wanted to see and hear me the entire time while he was eating his dinner. The mosquitos came and bit his face and eye after feasting on my legs.

I called the nurse, she whispered something about West Nile and before I knew it, we had scheduled another appointment for Saturday afternoon. At that appointment, they found ringworm on his butt (funny story: MNS touched the rash saying, "Ewww...what's that?" Note to self: Never touch itchy rashes on someone else's kid) and ordered around of clotrimazole for his hinny and a prescription ointment for his eye.

Did anyone manage to catch all of those medications (even the hidden ones that I've forgotten the names of)?


He's on FIVE medications right now.

He didn't sleep last night.

I want to cry on an almost hourly basis.

He cries everytime I put him down because I can't get ready to go to work and hold him at the same time. He cries everytime I can't play peekaboo with him because I have to make dinner, or take out the trash, or do laundry, or, or, or, or, or...He cries when instead of picking him up when he has his arms outstretched for me, I walk over him to answer the phone. He cries when I can't fix whatever is wrong with him because I.JUST.CAN'T.FIX.IT.


Mark Osler said...

I think babies have a phone-activated arm thing where the phone triggers the need-hug motion. The two things seem to be directly correlated.

jenna said...

oh, honey. i have absolutely no words of encouragement, except maybe ask for help?? use the g-parents??
seriously, you're a single mom with a chronically ill kid, who works full-time, AND tries to have a dating life?! no one woman can do it all, sweetie.
good luck- sending you my love.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to let him cry. Sometimes he will find something else to entertain himself. I've seen it. I have some experience in it.

Amanda said...

Sorry. I hope he (and you) feels better soon.

Dee said...

Wow, and I thought I was having some rough days with my Zach. I hope he feels better soon! Maybe you could get the grandparents to help out for an evening and give you a break?

Pregnant In Texas said...

Thanks for the advice about the grandparents, everyone. They watched Zac last night when I attended a volunteer board of directors meeting and they are watching him tomorrow for my work function (the gala)

They are burned out and need a break. I have to figure something else out.

jenna said...

you need BABYSITTERS. maybe contact a good HS in the area? i think the red cross certifies babysitters, maybe they have a list? he will cry and freak the first time you leave him with a stranger, but he will live. and then you can too.
i know it costs money, but if you can at all swing it, you need it. get a high schooler to come over 2 days a week from 5-7 or something. just for to run errands, work out, have a cup of coffee - whatever, just have some YOU time.

Ali said...

Hugs! I know how that goes, oh do I ever! There is only so much you can do though. I would have to leave my daughter in the apartment, baby gated the front door, and would go get the groceries out of the car (thankfully all the while I was in eyesight of her) while she wailed and wailed. Now? She's five and can entertain herself like no other kid. People ask me how I get her to clean up, play by herself, do things for herself, etc. Ummm, because she has to. She had no choice. I taught her to do things because it made things easier on the both of us in the end. Single or married, that is the truth.

Anyway, hang in there. How is the sitter search going anyway? Seriously let me know if you ever need me to watch the cutie. Drop him off and go have a drink. I am always here to help!

Sugarbread said...

I'll pray for your baby. I hope he gets better soon.