Monday, October 02, 2006



DeepSeaDiver J. wants to be friends. I just had a minor emotional outburst in his direction over IM. Now I feel like crap and a bad friend. He got off IM faster than I can finish going pee. It was fast, that's all I'll say.

Then I got an e-mail from my friendly free dating site, telling me that I have new matches for October. New matches? Well, sign me up and click the link, I always say! What did I see, but DeepSeaDiver J. staring back at me. He changed his handle and put up new pictures, although he said that he had given up internet dating after me. Turns out, he is back on the cybermarket, in more ways than one. I e-mailed his account there, and he quickly read and deleted the message (it's great when sites tell you the progress of an e-mail being read, discarded, ignored, or replied. If only people had small tickertapes running across their foreheads that registered the same emotions during a conversation. Dating would be so much easier).

Erasing all traces of me and my company.


p said...

But wait, what about R?

I think I'm going to start sending tye-dyed onesies to Deep-Sea J. He seems around the right age.


jenna said...

you are. freakin'. kidding. me.
he wants to be friends, but then he *deletes* your message to him??!! oh honey - walk away, no, run, and slam the door shut. he does not deserve your friendship - or even common curtosey at this point (how the hell do you sp that?) and i bet you 50 bucks next time he's "in port" and lonely, your IM will flicker will be flickering again. fuck that.

too funny tho that the dating site "matched" you up with him - sometimes we just can't win, eh? sigh. :)

p, again said...

Courtesy :) I am the master speller, which has lost me more friends than I can count..

Wait, yeah, what she said. Why are you worried about what kind of friend you are to him? He is obviously not your friend. Which *he* should be worried about.

Also, regarding tooth pain, everyone who's been telling you it shouldn't hurt anymore is right. I used to have tooth pain after getting fillings etc. done but that's because my dentist sucked! My current dentist is awesome and my teeth don't hurt AFTER the appointment--just before, and during.

Pregnant In Texas said...

R. knows that I talked to J. yesterday and I was upset. I don't know if he is reading this blog or not. He's been very busy at work at (ha!) raising waaaay more kids than I have.

I invited him to go to the gala with me, in J.'s absence (also known as a two-week silent treatment). He accepted and seems excited to go. I'm looking forward to going with him.

P - don't start any spelling wars with Jenna. She's viciously good at spelling - I promise. She just made a mistake because she was angry on my behalf

AND - The tie-dyed onesies are HERE!!! I *heart* them so much!!! They are amazing a photo montage will soon be appearing on this site displaying the wonders and the beauty of your gifts.

Anonymous said...

well, the good news is you found out as early as you did.

ditch him fast, and as for "friends"? you don't need "friends" like that.

good luck, take it slow, and don't ever settle for less than you deserve.

jenna said...

thanks for the props, B, but i have to admit, i'd be nowhere without spellchecker - grammar is where i'm at, and yes, i'm vicious with it - but i'm trying to be good, for instance you have a grammatical error in the 10/1 post and i didn't point it out, wasn't that nice of me?? :)
p - you and i should go into an editing business!

Ali said...

I agree with the others, he does not deserve your friendship. Bye bye to you J, you're loss!

wildflower said...

It may not seem like it, but there are men out there who are not complete asshole idiots with emotional maturity level of fetuses.
Hang in there.