Tuesday, September 19, 2006


For Jenna, an update:

Major problems with my work computer. The desktop kept shutting off at random and my lap top that I brought from home couldn't connect to the wifi.

I'm having dental problems and a mouth full of pain right now. I'm headed to the dentist this afternoon.

Turmoil and drama in my romantic life. It causes me to cease blogging, especially when I know who's reading.

Zac is good. He took two steps on his own this weekend (WHEN I WASN'T AROUND!!) in between my Mom and Dad. They are the first official steps on record and, again, I DIDN'T SEE THEM!!! After carrying his growing body for 9 months inside my body and 14 months outside my body, I don't think I'm being unreasonable for getting a little fired up about the whole thing.


mynewshoes said...

Once someone I know who worked as a nanny told me she never told the parents if their children reached a milestone when they weren't around. Apparently your parents didn't get that message.

Love ya,

Melanie Marie said...

Oh, that sucks! The nerve of that little kid! :)

By the way, I love your blog!

Caroline said...

Oh, sorry you missed his first few steps. I can only imagine how excited you are that he is starting to walk. YEA for Zac and double YEA for you. Are you starting to feel the freedom yet?

Good luck with the dental problems. I am currently going through dental hell as well. Luckily I am not having too much pain. It's just a pain in my ass having to go to the dentist so much and spend so much money even though I have insurance.

jenna said...

hee hee, my own twisted kind of blog dedication - yay!

i say they don't count. did he have shoes on? (if so, they don't count as official first steps unless he's in his natural, barefoot state, and if not, they don't count as first steps unless he has proper shoes on!)

p.s. see? i knew it was right to worry.

annab said...

i'm telling you, secret blogs are the way to go. is that idea going anywhere?

dee said...

That stinks that he took his first steps when you weren't around. But, you don't really have to count those. I think the only first steps that count are the first steps in front of mommy.

I seriously need to make a dental appointment...