Monday, August 21, 2006


First day at the new job....

5am: Zac decides to wake up and scream. Then scream some more. Then make me his bitch by screaming so long that I go into his room, pick his crying butt up out the crib, and bring him into my room. Where he starts to play.

5:45am: I take the baby-that-wants-to-play back into his own room. He can play in there dammit!

6am: Z. stops screaming and goes back to sleep. I go back to sleep for 58.23 minutes

6:58.23: Wake up and get into the shower

7am: Zac wakes up while I'm shampooing my hair. Give yourself extra points if you think he woke up screaming, cuz he did.

7:15am: I decide that it would be a good idea to distract Zac with my actual cell phone (rather than his play cell phone, and yes, he has a play cell phone and, no, comments about me indoctrinating my child with a toy cell phone would not be appreciated) while I blow dry my hair.

7:30am: Leave the house sans cell phone. Can't remember where he was last playing with it.

8am: Arrive, bright and chipper at my new place of work. Find out that the receptionist and I are the first ones to arrive in the office.

8:10am: Try to find my new office by walking through a maze of hallways and closed, locked doors. Get asked if I'm the new legal intern.

8:25am: The head boss comes in, unlocks my office, and spends the next thirty minutes on the phone with the contract IT guy getting my computer login password. Finally end up logging on.

10:30am: Finish talking to the head boss about the "streams of income" into the organization. Glaze over. Consider intraveneously administering Diet Coke into my blood stream.

10:45am: Finally break down and put on the sweater that the accountant left behind last week when she was in this office. Realize that it is 62 degrees in my office and I can't feel my feet anymore. Ask the receptionist to call maintenance.

10:47am: Holy crap! The maintenance guy shows up and starts tinkering with the thermostat. At my old job, it would have taken a work order, a couple of weeks wait time, and a sigh when I would have been told that I there was nothing they could do about the temperature.

11:16am: Wonder when lunch is.

11:17am: Get asked by a different co-worker if I'm the new legal intern.


doow said...

Hurray for speedy maintenance. Maybe next time the thermostat goes crazy he could bring you a mid-morning snack? ;-)

Caroline said...

I've been "lurking" on your site for some time now. Hope your day got better at your new job and I look forward to reading more of your adventures.

Cagey said...

Kids are never fooled by the "looks real but is still fake" toys. We even gave our son an old, yet real remote without batteries. He still isn't buying it.

I do save my cell and even keys for emergencies, though. Like, when we are at Target in the checkout lane and he decides that is the opportunity to start with The Screaming. Since he rarely gets to play with the cell or keys, it is a novel, new thing and buys me enough time to finish the transaction.

jenna said...

congrats on the new job and good luck!! hell, work the legal intern angle if it will get you anywhere - you could "hustle" the rest of the staff or something :) :)