Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The real August 1st...

Update on Blind Date #9: J2

He finally called me this morning at 9:30am to tell me that he was sorry he blew me off like that. It was nice that I got to ask him if was ok, which he was. Turned out that he fell asleep putting on his shoes. If he was that tired, he shouldn't have volunteered to come over.

We still haven't met. He thinks that I'm too interested in being a single-party girl. Ha! Double: Ha!HA! I laugh in that general direction. I was honest with him about going out with a couple of friends on Saturday and he completely lost it. I'm not exactly sure what he wants me to do, especially considering that WE'VE NEVER MET!!!

He thinks that I went looking for 'attention and affection' and he 'had hoped that I wouldn't be that needy'. Well - I'm not. I wasn't looking for anything other than a laugh and some companionship. I spend a lot of time alone. I work in front of a computer, alone. I live alone (Ok: with Zac I concede, but has anyone ever tried to carry on a conversation with someone that just wants to put your fingers in their mouth and hold them when they get tired? Maybe you shouldn't answer that. Come to think of it, I've had a couple relationships like that, but you get my point). Even when I'm in public, like dropping Z. off a the daycare or in the grocery store, I'm alone in my own head. I just exist in my own world.

I want someone to come in and play with me; in this world I create in my head. Right now, it feels like J. broke down my defenses and is now behind enemy lines, causing a ruckus.

Here is the embarassing part (there always is with me), I want to sit down with him over a cup of coffee. I want to see the man that has judged me so harshly that it made me cry at work. It's not fair what he did and I want him to know that.


wildflower said...

I am beginning to think that men lurk on the internet waiting for chances to be rude and judgmental of women. Scary. Seriously scary. I wonder if these guys would actually make those kind of comments to your face rather than through phone, im, or email. I'm guessing that they wouldn't have the eggs to do it.

P said...

No kidding. I second that, Wildflower. However, I did meet Stalker J.P. online (hellooooooo I know you're reading) so it is possible to find decent, slightly humanoid kinds of guys.

"Party girl" whatEVA! I think that three months of conversing with jellyfish got to his brain. He is obviously not worth it. And who falls asleep tying their shoes? I'll excuse you, but he doesn't even have a Z to keep him awake all night...

xoxoxo, sorry about all the weirdos out there
-P (aka Stalker P--this is my 3rd post in like 5 hours!)

Anonymous said...

That is a very dangerous person. No wonder he is divorced. Bet he wanted a subservient woman who was hone only to please him. Dump him with out any more conversation or contact with him. Please.....

jenna said...

omg, i am so sorry girl. i know this is hard, and hell, i wouldn't follow my own advice, but please, PLEASE do not give him the time of day anymore. he does not deserve to hear word one out of your mouth. seriously, where the fuck does he get off judging you like that? you do NOT need him to validate you. you are amazing, beautiful, and very very date-worthy. he is apparently damaged goods and can't see that, so you need to move on. resist the strong urge to get closure!!! he's not worth a second more of your time!

P said...

On more thought and re-reading (you didn't think I'd only post one comment, did you?) I have to agree with anonymous. J sounds JEALOUS of the fact that you went out, which would be unacceptable even from someone you knew. Sounds like you found another 'beater. Do not go to coffee. Do not let his own insecure judgment of you get you down. He is wrong, and scary.

Was he on E-Harm?

Be careful out there!!


Pregnant In Texas said...

Thanks for the concern everyone. The hurt is fading. Anger is a little more present. Rational thoughts are prevailing.

P. - I'm not on E-Harmony anymore. There actually isn't an internet dating fee in my miscellanous expenses, although you might think so with how much I spend. I'm only on free sites at the moment.