Monday, July 31, 2006


The recap on my dating (mis)adventures:

Blind Date# 7- J1. Doesn't deserve a mention

Blind Date # 8 - S. Will mention later

Blind Date # 9- J2. Stood up

The day had finally come. I had been e-mailing, talking, and IMing with J., the deep sea diver, for six long weeks. I had been neglecting my household chores, preferring instead to get sucked into blasted IM for hours.

He had worked all night on Saturday from 6pm - 6am on Sunday, and then flown out by helicopter to Louisiana. He drove home from LA Sunday morning and arrived in Houston by mid-afternoon. He and I had been talking throughout the day on his drive back to Texas and he said that he wanted to go over to his ex-wive's house (where he used to live) to get the furniture and tools that he has stored there for over a year. He knew that she wouldn't be home, so he wanted to take the opportunity.

That made sense to me. I wasn't feeling great on Sunday afternoon anyways and I understood that he had things he was going to take care of. We made a plan that he was going to come over to my apartment, after Zac had gone to bed, to talk. Well 8pm stretched into 9pm by the time I had heard from him. He said that he had just taken a shower and was planning to leave his house to come to my place, arriving by 9:30 - 9:45pm.

Here is the crazy part: he never showed up. I frantically cleaned up my living room, tried to wipe the vomit off the couch (which Zac is using as his own personal teething apparatus), put on some decent clothes, brushed my teeth, and sat back down to wait for him to call for further directions. He never called.

I called him at 10:10 and then finally at 11:30pm, worried that maybe he had gotten in an accident or fell asleep at the wheel. I'm not sure what to think. I can't imagine that we would just blantantly make a plan with me and not show up. Then again, I can't imagine anyone doing that, but certainly people (especially those met off the internet) do that.

Another friend e-mailed me this morning to say that he tried to call me last night and couldn't get through. I'm wondering if the cell phone system was down, in which case he probably thinks that I'm a giant bitch for not answering my phone, leaving him driving around north Houston without map.


I am both angry and insecure this morning. Is it my fault? Is it his fault? What the hell happened??


dee said...

Hopefully it was the phone's fault and he will understand. Hopefully you can still meet up. Think positive thoughts. :)

Pregnant In Texas said...

Umm...I tried calling him this afternoon...just left a voice mail. I don't know how much more positive I can be.